Sisterhood of Rutland Jewish Center Annual Fall Rummage Sale

November 5, 2007 at 9:18 pm | Posted in projects | 1 Comment
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One of my contacts on Ravelry, Janro, is a master of freeform crochet, also known as scrumbling.  Recently, I was admiring one of her projects, a travel case decorated in many shades of pink.  I commented to her how much I liked the case and she responded by encouraging me to make one, too.

Here is Janro’s pink travel case:

beautiful pink travel case

Janro said that all you have to do is find a suitable case at a thrift store or a yardsale or something, and then go happy with the crochet hook.  I do love to play with yarn!

Yesterday, fate was with me.  I found this lovely little round suitcase for $2 at the Sisterhood of Rutland Jewish Center Annual Fall Rummage Sale.  (I am typing out the entire title of the rummage sale because it sounds so elegant–“sisterhood,” “annual,” etc.)

round suitcase

I think I’ll start by using the little blob I crocheted while I was sitting in one of the Adirondack chairs outside the library waiting for S to pick me up.  It’s a pretty color of blue/green wool, which I think would go nicely with the blue/gray of the suitcase.


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  1. […] about this suitcase way back when it was naked and drab. So here’s the “after” of that previous “before” post. I actually finished the suitcase back in December, but it was a present for my sister and I did […]

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