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November 17, 2007 at 7:21 pm | Posted in photography | Leave a comment
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I’m subscribed to this email newsletter about photography that sends me links to interesting photo collections, camera products, photo project instructions, and photo-editing websites.  I think it’s the only newsletter I’ve ever subscribed to that I actually read.  It’s lighthearted, and usually has interesting pictures to look at.  Plus I have photography in my genes.

Anyway, one of their recent links was to a website that “vectorizes” photos for you.  Basically, vectors are a way of composing an image so that it can be enlarged without looking horrible the way that pixelized images do.  I’m sure that the actual website explains it much more elegantly than that.  What they don’t explain is why vectorizing pictures is so addictive to me.  I’ve been doing it to lots and lots of the (many) images I’ve accumulated on my hard drive, and I’ve started to play with the various features of the website, vectorizing photos in the “logo” mode to make them look more cartoony, and messing with the colors, too.  It can even sort of improve blurry pictures.  Since I’ve been having so much fun with it, I thought I would share the link, and some examples of my finished photo alterations.

blue treespiderteasvinesat Fort Wordendusty bicycles

The site o’vectors:

The newsletter:


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