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chicken tasting a trilobite

Originally uploaded by yellowlens

Nerdcrafting. Or you could also call it geekcrafting. It’s those little creative projects that you enjoy in the same part of your soul that enjoys science projects, mathematical equations, and science-fiction television. I’m not a big nerd, being more of a fru-fru scatterbrained creative type than a logical, organized engineering, computer, or mathematical type. But no one fits perfectly into one category. And I’ve been doing some pretty geeky knitting and crocheting lately. First it was the crocheted hyperbolic forms. And then it was the Dalek for K’s birthday. And now I’ve made four of these little fossilized friends. The one pictured at the mercy of a ceramic chicken was just the first. I can’t wait to see what will catch my fancy next!


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  1. Hey! That’s MY trilobite! I love him, and am glad he escaped the clutches of Grandma’s ceramic chicken. Thanks, you.
    xx dbs

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