the proper care of pumpkins

December 3, 2007 at 9:15 am | Posted in ideas | 2 Comments
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knit pumpkin with its brethren

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J left me a comment on this photo, saying that, at first glance, he thought I had knitted a pumpkin cozy, something like a beer cozy or a cell phone cozy. Then he said that I should actually make a knitted garment for a pumpkin. His idea was to completely enclose the pumpkin with knitting. It would be absurd, he said, and interesting.

It was a couple of days ago that J left the comment. But I can’t stop thinking about it. My mind snags on things that are absurd and interesting. What is the reason for enclosing a fruit or vegetable in knitted fabric? Why, just because the idea exists, of course.

On Saturday I went to the farmer’s market and bought a tiny pumpkin. Partly, I just thought that the pumpkin was cute, and that it would make a nice decoration in our dining room. But I was also still thinking about the cozy. I haven’t got any orange yarn left, but then purple would do just as nicely. I could eat the pumpkin, but it’s too small to really bother. If I make a coat for it, what would I do with the finished object? I guess it could still sit on the dining table, until it rotted. I think I’m really going to do it. The illogical part of my mind refuses to give up on the idea, and the practical part of my mind is rarely the more emphatic of the two.

I’m actually quite fond of pumpkins. I find them pleasing to the eye, not to mention full of stories. I mean, they have a role in fairy tales, an honored place in childhood memories. You get to make jack-o-lanterns from them on Halloween. They have a hidden cave inside, full of slime and seeds. They smell good when you cut them open. The seeds taste good, and so does the flesh. I cooked pumpkin lentil soup for dinner last night, with another pumpkin I had, one that grew on a huge vine that spread across the backyard of the house where I grew up, from a seed my mother and sisters planted in the compost pile this past spring. They had so many pumpkins from that vine that they were very happy for S and I to take a couple of them. That’s the two pumpkins in the picture with the little knitted pumpkin. We didn’t eat the other one because it got rather soft while it was sitting on our counter. So then we planted the entire thing in our own garden, and we’re hoping we’ll get our own vine in the spring.

See? Stories. I’ve even written a couple of poems about pumpkins over the years. I read one at my senior reading in college, and it’s still one of my favorite poems that I’ve ever written.

Knitting a coat for a pumpkin would be sort of like writing a poem for a pumpkin.

If I was a pumpkin, I’d really like to have a little jacket or a sweater today. It’s snowing outside.



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  1. 😀

    oh and I finally did facebook… I know, I know. I don’t really understand it though, but I added you and S as friends, so add me back!

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