Knitting on a train

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I recently took an Amtrak train to New York City and back to visit a knitting friend of mine.  We spent a large percentage of our time together in yarn-related pursuits (knitting and chatting, knitting and watching TV, shopping for yarn, shopping for sweaters to unravel, dyeing yarn with kool-aid, shopping for knitting books, crocheting, etc).  It was lovely! 

It seems that I never get tired of crafting things.  I hope that I never will.  Ever.  I certainly wasn’t tired of knitting yet as I settled into my train seat on the way back home.  At first I had my bags jumbled all over the place, taking up the seat next to me as well as my own, but then I realized that the train was full, so I moved some of my stuff up to the luggage rack to clear space for someone to sit.  I made sure to keep my knitting needles and yarn close at hand, though. 

Then I noticed that the girl I’d offered my seat to was pulling out a little pouch of yarn and a pair of needles.  I asked her what she was making.  She said it was “just” a scarf, but it looked quite pretty to me.  She had a pattern written down in very neat, very small handwriting, and was making zigzag stripes with olive green and navy blue yarn.  She asked me if I was a knitter, too, and I opened my purse to show her my knitting needles waiting inside.  I wasn’t knitting then because I was quite absorbed in my book, but later on we both had our needles going at the same time, and our headphones on, quite companionable even though we’d exchanged so few words.  And there was a woman sewing in the row behind us, too.  Quite a crafty train ride!

 Here’s the little fellow I was working on knitting on the train.  I finished him this evening:

knit monster

Now I want to learn how to knit zigzags sometime, because that girl’s scarf looked so nice.  I bet I could figure it out if I tried.  I assume that it’s pretty similar to how you make zigzags in crochet.


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