The next step in dye exploration

January 30, 2008 at 4:31 pm | Posted in projects | 1 Comment
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In my thrilling adventures in the world of changing yarn’s colors, what comes after kool-aid?  The answer is–food coloring.  Apparently, this has the same sort of chemical coloring agents in it as kool-aid does.  You know, yellow #5 and whatnot.  There are instructions on the box for using it to color easter eggs, so I’m going to muddle those together with the technique I used with the kool-aid packets, and see what happens.  If it works, it’s a big step up because I’ll have a wider range of colors to choose from, and because my yarn won’t need 500 washings just to stop smelling like fruit punch.  My mom told me a story about some yarn she dyed with kool-aid once, then gave to my grandmother, who used it as a rug edging.  My grandmother said that the crickets in her house ate the yarn because it still tasted like fruit!  That made me a bit paranoid about my previous dye projects, and I made sure to give them all an extra few rinses, even though I’ve never seen a ravenous cricket in my house.

circle of food coloring tubes


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  1. that’s a great story! 🙂

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