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February 9, 2008 at 5:53 pm | Posted in photography | 2 Comments
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I reallyreallyreally love taking pictures.  I dream of some day owning a really nice dslr camera and all the related equipment–lenses and tripods and light reflectors and a big black bag and adobe photoshop–and of knowing a lot more than I do now about technique.  Then I could be a professional photographer and make lovely portraits and capture special moments at people’s weddings and sell framed prints in a gallery.  That’s one of my possible dream jobs.  Maybe I’ll turn to pursuing it if my current path doesn’t work out.  Photography runs in my family, after all.  But in the meantime I’m a happy amateur photographer with my trusty little canon point-and-shoot.  This afternoon, after my attention was caught by a frozen/wilted tulip we’d left outside for the winter, I spent at least half an hour snapping pictures, captivated by all the many, many interesting images around my porch.  When I uploaded my pictures to the computer, there were 46 of them just from that one photo session.  It was a good time for taking pictures because it was snowing outside at the time, and the light was all pale and calm and diffuse.  Here are just a couple of them to share with you:

sad tulip
Where will you hang your dreams?



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  1. I love the first one, great colours

  2. I see that crochet is not your only talent!

    love your photos

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