My first taste of needle felting

March 9, 2008 at 4:54 pm | Posted in craft tools | 2 Comments

Yesterday at the farmer’s market I stopped by the booth of a woman who makes amazing needle-felted birds, mostly owls.  I’ve admired her work before and I couldn’t help drifting over towards her table when I saw her display yesterday.  And she’s friendly.  The end result was that I bought a little felting needle.  It was only a dollar, after all!  And I love trying new things.

 So, this afternoon I remembered that the needle was still zipped into the change compartment of my wallet and I took it out and looked around for something wool to experiment on.  I settled on a sweater that I’ve half-unraveled.  I grabbed a scrap of yarn and started poking it.  Then I added another bit of yarn.  And another.  And another…

Do I need to tell you how much fun it is to stab things with a sharp object and make them turn all fuzzy?

abstract in wool



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  1. oooohhhh… stabbing things with a sharp needle… mental note to self… must further investigate this needle felting!

    have fun with it 🙂

  2. Needle felting is fun! I only started over a month ago and it’s so addictive. I make mostly tiny critters and even broke a needle once. Haha.

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