I have the power of TITANIUM!

March 30, 2008 at 9:40 pm | Posted in craft tools | Leave a comment
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So, the other day I had a desperate search all over the house, trying to find some decent scissors.  I wanted to cut some fabric, and all I could find was a tiny pair that hurt my hand to use, the haircutting scissors, which I didn’t want to blunt by over-using them, and a really dull ancient pair.  I tried using the dull ones on my project, but it was just too frustrating to keep at it for long.

 What’s a girl to do?

Then tonight S called me from the grocery store on her way home from work and asked if there was anything I could remember that we needed.  I think she was referring to food, but I remembered the need for scissors, and the fact that I’d seen some there when I was shopping for easter-basket treats.  I don’t know how well one can trust the quality of grocery store scissors, but these ones looked decent.  Plus they said that the blades were titanium-coated.  I mean, just that word makes them sound all high-tech and special, doesn’t it?

Titanium, titanium, titanium.  Scissors of the Titans!

So I asked S to buy them for me, and now I am cutting an old t-shirt into strips for use as t-shirt strip “yarn.”  And these scissors work WAY better than those old crappy ones.  So now I’m happy.


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