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April 4, 2008 at 5:45 pm | Posted in photography | 2 Comments
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I’ve learned a new photo technique!  It’s a way to make your digital photos look all old and blurred, and all you have to do it get an old camera, and then hold your digital camera up to the viewfinder of the old camera and snap away.  I think that old photos have quite an aura of romance to them with their strange distortions and soft focus, so I’ve been enjoying creating that look so easily with my own photos.  And it doesn’t even take any kind of fancy computer program.  The only thing I really needed to do once I uploaded my photos was to crop away all the extraneous blackness from the edges.  The hardest part was trying to line up the two cameras and hold them together long enough to get a good picture.


So, yeah, today was a really good day of thrift shopping.  I got this old camera for a dollar to try the viewfinder thing with.  I got some shirts for myself and some other ones to cut up for a project I’m thinking about doing.  I got some books.  I got a cute little doll that someone hand sewed.  I felt sorry for her being abandoned in the box of worn-out stuffed animals after someone had put all that work into stitching her together and knitting her a little dress, so I rescued her and now she’s resting on the guest bed.  And I got a whole bundle of knitting needles for only a dollar and fifty cents!

Here are the knitting needles photographed with through-the-viewfinder love, plus a few other TtV images I made this afternoon:

 knit and crochet

the roof of the school across the street from where I live:
archaic dish

some red fluff on my carpet:
carpet with bits of red fluff

and the doll I rescued:

faded doll



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  1. you have some really soft lovely ttvs!

    • Thanks!

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