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A friend of mine mentioned her UFOs (unfinished objects) on her facebook status yesterday.  She said that she’d been finishing some of them.  Good for her!  🙂

I have this one particular UFO that I feel really, really bad that I haven’t finished.  It was supposed to be a Christmas present for my mother-in-law, like, four years ago.  I had it almost done by the big day, but then I got frustrated.  I was trying to sew a fabric backing onto a crocheted afghan, and the fabric got all wrinkled and was pulling the crocheted part into a non-square shape.  I was sewing by hand, too, which takes much longer than the machine, of course.

So I put the blanket away, meaning to come back to it in a little while.

And here we are, a few years later.

S and I have been sorting through some boxes and closets and such places where abandoned objects gather.  We’ve got a huge pile of stuff in the living room waiting to go to thrift stores and the used book store.

And the blanket project is out in the open again, eyeing me.

yarn 046


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  1. Wow, that is gorgeous!! 🙂

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