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October 3, 2009 at 12:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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I was crocheting today at work.  I try to always bring projects on Fridays, because it’s my boss’s afternoon off and therefore usually very slow and quiet.  And I really don’t like to be not doing anything.  But I was especially happy to have my crochet today because one of the customers who came in for cat food started chatting with me about yarn and knitting and whatnot, and we ended up exchanging email addresses.  She said she likes to have people over to knit in her living room, and I would love to do that.  It’s good to make new friends!  Plus she used to work with S, and she said that she thinks S is awesome, which of course I agree with.  And then we could all knit together, and it would be lovely.  I hope this happens.

Here is the pattern I was working on when she came in: (it’s the “nancy’s waves” scarf, down towards the bottom of the page).  I found a link to the pattern on ravelry, and I’m making it with purple silk.


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  1. yes, S is awesome. and the pattern is pretty. I like in rainbow and think the purple will be very nice also.

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