Sir Scrapghan the Sixth!

July 20, 2011 at 7:35 pm | Posted in projects, yarn stash | Leave a comment
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This one is twin-bed sized, knitted in ribs, with one strand of scrap yarn and one strand of some other yarns I had large amounts of (the green/white/orange/purple sections).  It has been delivered to my brother K, and is living with him at a state park for the summer.  Yay!

S had to stand on the couch and hold the blanket up so we could get the whole thing in the picture.


And I have already collected enough yarn for the next one, which is going to my best friend L.  I got really excited about it, and bought tons of scrap yarn on etsy and from recycle north, plus L sent me some to use.  I think I actually have too much, honestly, because L requested that hers be throw-blanket sized, so it won’t take as much as a bed-sized one.

I am doing something different with this next one, and I hope it will turn out well.  Instead of rolling all the yarn together into one massive scrap ball, I have been sorting it by color.  So now I have six scrap balls: red, green/yellow, pink/orange, purple/brown, blue/gray/black/white, and variegated.  I think I will use the biggest two, the purple and the blue, for L’s throw.


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