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April 24, 2012 at 12:50 pm | Posted in selling | 9 Comments
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I am feeling pretty sad right now.  As you probably know, I’ve been a big fan of etsy for a while.  I’ve had a love affair with shopping there, and I was super proud to have a shop of my own.  Well, the love affair is over.  If you haven’t heard about it, a few days ago etsy decided to promote a shop whose items that obviously weren’t handmade.  The featured shop was in clear violation of etsy’s own written terms of use for etsy sellers. In response to public outcry, instead of apologizing, etsy has been deleting comments and closing discussion threads.  Their only public statements on the matter have been frustrating non-apologies.  So, after some unhappy thinking, I’ve decided to close my etsy shop.  I’ll be moving my stuff gradually over to  I’m also having a 25% off closing sale in my etsy shop.  If you’d like to take advantage of the sale, the coupon code is BBALI, which will be good in my etsy shop as long as I keep it open.

If you haven’t heard about this etsy scandal, here are some links.  Coverage started with regretsy, and has snowballed from there:,,,,

I feel heartsick to be leaving etsy, because there are many many good people there and tons of wonderful and truly handmade creations.  But I just can’t continue to support the hypocrisy.  It’s time for my online time to be spent somewhere with a little more integrity.  I think I will keep my etsy account open as a buyer so I can occasionally purchase from shops that I know are true to the standards of handmade, but I’m pulling away.  I feel that it is time for me to move on.





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  1. I feel defamed as an artist and businessperson. And, the regretsy site is rubbing my nose in it. I don’t really want to admit all this in public, it’s so shameful…just moving on, too. Also, I think the regretsy site is against my religion and they are attaching “me and my professional artist/religious image” to their sinfulness if I stay.

  2. “I feel heartsick to be leaving etsy, because there are many many good people there and tons of wonderful and truly handmade creations.”

    This really is the sad thing about this entire fiasco. I have found some amazing things on Etsy, many from April’s Army sellers, some not. People spend a lot of time and dedication trying to create a life for themselves. How is it fair to those who are trying to support their families, to have Etsy pander to resellers and ignore the base that created them?

  3. regretsyregretsy doesn’t want to admit all this in public, that’s why he created a blog where he does just that.

    • Yeah…. There’s a lot that I don’t quite understand with that comment. It sort of seems like they didn’t even read my post before they commented on it.

  4. I made a buyer account, never bought anything because I found esty and regresty at the same time when the reselling started. The reselling stuff started right as I was about to make a shop, and I am glad I didn’t. It is a shame too, because I have a lot of cross stiches that I have done that I am sure family is sick of me unloading on to them.

    • Well, there are lots of other options for selling stuff online, if you did want to market your cross stitch! Do you have pictures of what you’ve made? I would love to see. My sister does cross stitch. She made us an amazing piece with dragons as a wedding present. We’ve got it hanging in the bedroom and I am always amazed by all the teeny stitches.

      • Not yet, and most of the stuff I have done I have given away. So at the moment I have nothing. Plus my mom does way better stuff than I do, I am still getting the hang of it. I have plans for a Zelda sampler, because I am a super nerd. But I will totally post that once I have it done.

  5. I get where you are coming from–I’m having to reconsider my etsy presence as well.

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