lovely trees with my birthstone

June 19, 2012 at 1:05 am | Posted in gifts, other people's awesome crafts | Leave a comment
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So, I bought one of these tree pendants for S a while ago.  Her birth stone is amethyst, and that sparkly amethyst purple color also happens to really suit her.  Plus it’s a tree!  It was a good present, really lovely and well-made, and the seller is very nice.

And now I keep looking at them and thinking about how maybe I would like one, too.  I actually don’t wear jewelry very often because I don’t always like the feeling of having extra things hanging on me.  Especially bracelets.  I get really annoyed with things around my wrists.  But I do like having pretty shiny things.  My favorites are semi-precious stones and sterling silver.  And these trees have both those things.  And they are really just gorgeous!

I’m a January baby, so my birthstone is garnet.  I can’t afford a tree right now, but if I could afford one, apparently I have two colors to choose from!  There’s the traditional dark red, and also a pretty pink.  Look:

Which color would you choose?


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