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I’ve heard people say that pooling of colors is one of the reasons that they dislike using variegated yarns, but that’s actually one of my favorite things about variegation, and why I have a strong tendency to pick a multicolored yarn over a single color.

If you haven’t heard the term before, “pooling” refers to the tendency of variegated yarns to form blotches of color or strange patterns when they’re knitted up into a finished garment.  Pooling usually happens when the item you’re knitting or crocheting doesn’t have the same number of stitches in every row.  Something large, like a sweater, would be quite likely to have pooling of colors.  I guess some people prefer even stripes, or a more blended look without any large patches of color.

The reason I like it when my variegated yarns make odd patterns is that I enjoy the unpredictability.  What are the colors going to do next?  This is one of the reasons that I sometimes have trouble putting my knitting down and going to bed.  I want to see how the next row will look, and the next row, and the next row.

Right now I am knitting a shawl with some green and white yarn that I reclaimed from a sweater.  The sweater had two strands of yarn, the one I am using now, plus a dark blue strand.  The variegated yarn was sort of hidden behind the other yarn.  You could see that it was multi-colored, but the sweater was definitely dominated by the dark blue color and not by the greens.  Now I have separated it out, it’s as if I have freed the colors.  It’s actually a really pretty yarn by itself, and I am enjoying creating this shawl and letting those colors play.  I’ve got some stripes and I’ve got some blendy bits and I’ve got some blotches and I love it all.


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