pictures from my visit to new york city (and WEBS)

August 25, 2012 at 11:24 am | Posted in other people's awesome crafts, yarn stash | 1 Comment
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First, this is my friend L’s yarn stash.  I just love how this looks, all arranged in bowls like a buffet of really delicious foods.  I could never get away with this sort of display in my own house.  The cats would knock everything all over the place and get it really hairy.  I have to keep my yarn sealed off from the world and hidden away!  L has more yarn than this, but the bowls are the highlight of her living room.  Fabulous!  I do want to copy her pretty glass jar full of scrap yarns, if I can find a good jar.  I almost bought a gigantic one with a glass peanut on the top of it at a flea market, but I decided it was too expensive.  Maybe I can find a good one at Recycle North (or ReSource or whatever it’s called now).

Next up, here is some very impressive sewing that L did.  This is a case for her DPNs, complete with little number labels to keep the sizes organized.  She said it took a really long time to make this, and I am not surprised to hear that!  I do not possess the patience required to sew something like this.


A close-up of the button.

Some pretty vintage thread on wooden spools.

We spent a lot of time sitting in the living room next to L’s yarn stash, knitting.  But we also took a day trip to WEBS in Northampton, MA.  I didn’t take any pictures inside the store because I was too busy frolicking amongst the yarn.  I spent a lot of money there!  I got a birthday present for my mom, lots of cotton yarns for S to use in the baby blanket she’s making, a book with patterns for knitting dinosaurs, and some yarn for myself, of course.  The whole visit with L was good, but I think the expedition to WEBS might be the highlight.  “America’s Yarn Store.”


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  1. The case for the DPNs is wonderful!

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