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April 14, 2013 at 12:50 am | Posted in projects, yarn stash | 6 Comments
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I went to Goodwill on Wednesday because I happened to be nearby and I ended up shopping there for two hours!  Clearly, it was a good day for thrift shopping.  One of my finds was some cones of yarn.  Someone had donated a whole bunch of yarn on cones, the type that’s used for knitting machines.  There were tons of them, a whole shelf-full.  I looked through them for a while and eventually decided to buy just two of them, even though they were only four dollars each.  But unfortunately most of the colors were kinda ugly, and I also didn’t want to have too much to carry because I was taking the bus home.  So, after much deliberation, I decided on a fuschia and a turquoise.

And then my itchy little paws wanted to start making something with it right away, so I spend almost a whole day at work (in between phone calls) looking through patterns on ravelry trying to decide which one I wanted to try.

Here’s the one I finally settled on: http://morepjs.blogspot.com/2009/08/baby-blue-spiral-baby-blanket.html

And here are some pictures of my progress.  First it looked like a doily, and now it looks sort of like a large jellyfish, but I am confident that it will start to look like a blanket eventually.

006 011 013



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  1. Wow. It will be amazing when done. Great colours, they really zing.

  2. Nice spiral! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you make a blanket from a pattern, and it looks so neat and organized compared to your usual scrapghans.

    • Hey! Are you saying my scrapghans are messy?

      • Yes, but not in any kind of a bad way! 🙂 Just more random and unplanned.

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