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I have a tattoo of a whale on my lower back.

So naturally I was interested when I learned that one of the upcoming spoonflower design contests is a whale theme.

I drew some pink whales. And played around with some abstract photos of soap bubbles.

And this: pano

Plus this: 002

Plus some fiddling with the spoonflower color editor (because the contest included a restriction to a specific palette of five colors)

Became this: 2962417_rrrrpano_ed

I think they’re cute. 🙂 I have no delusions of winning the contest in competition with professional graphic designers with access to photoshop, etc. But I like to enter the spoonflower design contests because it’s a spur to creative exercise. I wouldn’t have spent part of my day off drawing pink whales otherwise and I rather enjoyed myself.

Here’s the link to the fabric page: http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/2962417


UFO landing

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Life is a little crazy right now! S and I have been sorting through absolutely everything we own so that we could clear out space for my brother to move into our second bedroom. We have opened up every single drawer, cupboard, or box in the entire house, and we have emptied out most of those compartments and evaluated each item inside them. We have donated a ton of stuff to thrift stores. I already brought one bag of books to the used bookstore to sell for credit, and I have six more boxes of books waiting to be gone through. We had so many scarves and hats and mittens that we filled an entire garbage bag with ones to donate, and we still have two drawers full that we elected to keep. The bedroom is empty and ready for my brother to move in tomorrow, all that’s left in there is furniture and some of his stuff that he already dropped off. If you saw my living room, you would think we were hoarders, though, because there is still a rather large untidy pile of stuff needing to be sorted! But most of it has a plan, thank goodness. We will be putting a few things into my brother’s storage unit, getting rid of a significant portion more, and the rest will find a home in the closet or in a plastic storage bin.

It has been both stressful and really refreshing to sort through all our stuff like this. It is a thousand little decisions, what to do with each small object, each article of clothing, each book, each piece of fabric, each skein of yarn, but our closet has never looked so amazingly organized, the space under the kitchen sink is no longer a pit of despair, and we now have space for three people to sit down at our table, instead of just two!

One side effect of all of this is that we have found lots of things that were buried and forgotten about in the back of a cupboard or the bottom of a basket, and that includes a ton of unfinished knitting and crochet projects. The inevitable UFOs that every fiber artist knows all too well. So many projects get set aside because you get bored or frustrated with them, or because you started working on another project that you’re more excited about. But now, these projects are rediscovered and newly interesting. Time has erased the boredom or the frustration and inspiration can return!

So, here is a project that has been sitting unfinished for a very long time, and is now finally completed! It’s a wall-hanging made mostly from unraveled sweaters. One of the sweaters is very sentimental to me because I used to wear it all the time when S and I first started dating fourteen years ago. The sweater eventually got very ratty, but I had unraveled it and kept the yarn, and now I finally have this art on my wall where a small part of that sweater is preserved.



20131016_113035 20131016_113229_LLS


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Did you know that Crayola makes “multicultural” crayons?  Interesting.  I kinda want some, but it would be even better to have one of those giant boxes of crayons with a little plastic sharpener in the back.  Because what if I wanted to make a blue or purple person, and not just pink and tan and brown people?  Then again, I don’t know how likely I am to actually color with crayons.  I think I prefer watercolors for my visual arts.  Or photography.



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I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, “earth,” but the middle letters were a different color, so it also said, “art” right in the middle of the earth.

EARTH: like that.

Oh, it charmed me. Such a perfect philosophy! Earth and Art are two ideas very, very close to my heart, and of course they are related just as this bumper sticker illustrated, one contained within the other.

The earth as inspiration for art. Reusing and reclaiming materials for your art so as to show your love for the earth. Connecting all peoples of the earth with the universal language of art.


What happens to all the lonely art?

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Think of all the paintings that have been made over the years, all the collages and quilts, all the woodcuts and watercolors, all the found-object sculptures, all the handsewn clothes, all the one-of-a-kind ceramic teapots, all the portraits and little twists of wire and beads that somebody made for somebody else, colored pencils, crayola crayons. A few of these things end up in museums, but most of them float through the world of use and re-use, first a gift and then a yard sale and then time in the back of a closet and then a thrift store and then perhaps another closet. Perhaps they’re displayed and worn and utilized between shufflings, or perhaps these items just get passed on and on until they reach some end in a garbage bin. Thinking about this makes me sad. Of course.

There have been plenty of hats and scarves and such things that I’ve knitted or crocheted and worn for a little while that I ended up donating to a thrift store. I always hope that somebody finds these bits of my handiwork and wears them and enjoys them. But I have no way of knowing. And there have been times that I’ve purchased something at a thrift store that was obviously handcrafted, and I’ve unraveled it to re-use the yarn. I feel a little bad about that. But I still do it. I’m playing the role of death, I guess. The end of one thing allows the beginning of something new.

But anyway, I’m thinking about this subject, and writing about it, because I found this lovely little painting at a thrift store today for only three dollars. And I kind of want to know its history, how it ended up there. It’s an act of rejection to decide you don’t want something and to bring it to a thrift store. It’s not as much a rejection as throwing something into the trash, because at least with the store you’re assuming that somebody still could possibly want and use whatever you’re donating. But still, you don’t want it. Rejection. And somebody sat or stood next to an easel and mixed colors and glanced up at his or her subject and then back to the canvas. It takes time to make a painting. And concentration. And skill and practice. So where did this one start? And where has it been? And how many hands have rejected it before I fell in love with it this afternoon?

It’s hanging at the bottom of my stairs now.
picture on the wall

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