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I found a knitting book in a “free” box on the way home from work the other day!  There were some other craft books in there, too, but I decided that it would be fair to only take one and leave the rest for other crafty folks who might walk by.

This is the book I took home:

Amazon page for this book


Look! It’s my mom! Hehehe

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I found this on etsy and it made me think of her.  Too bad I’m sick this weekend and didn’t get to go visit.  I even had some wool to bring her for rug-making!  Hopefully we can make it soon….

Sock creations

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I recently re-discovered a sock creature pattern book that I got a few years ago.  I even blogged about it when I got it:, but it had disappeared into the vast piles of craft ideas and craft materials hidden away in every storage space in the house.

So I pulled it out again and I made Matilda and her pet fish Phil:

I’m contemplating a pink elephant next.  I have some pink flowery socks that would be perfect!

I want

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this book:

A lot.

I saw it in Borders yesterday, and sat and looked through every page and practically drooled on it.

But I’m kinda broke right now, alas!

It shall be mine when it can be, though.  I am determined.

new book

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I got a new book yesterday!  I am excited to try out some of these patterns.  I’m especially interested in making geometrical combinations of them–cubes and pyramids and dodecahedrons.  Doesn’t everyone need a plush dodecahedron?

Teddy Love

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I got a book the other day at the used bookstore with all kinds of patterns to make teddy bears. I’m quite excited! I’ve always liked teddies (and stuffed animals in general). My first summer job was working in a little gift shop that specialized in collectible teddies and other such cute furry stuff.

I haven’t tried the book yet, but it seems nicely designed. It starts with a super-basic bear that’s just two bear shapes sewed together and stuffed. I don’t feel like I need a book to teach me how to make that bear. But then the book gets more complicated and dimensional and starts adding things like moving joints. So I think I’ll try out a pattern or two, then see if I can start to branch out into my own individual style if I find that I actually do like making teddies like I think I will.

The book is called The Teddy Bear Making Book by Brian and Donna Gibbs. “Step-by-step instructions for lots of terrific teds,” proclaims the cover.

New Book(s)

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I was in Barnes and Noble tonight, shopping for poetry books with S, who was also there to pick up the next volume in the vampire series she’s reading.  We ended up buying a couple of CDs, too.  I am listening to Nordic music through my headphones right now as I type this.  And then as we were about to check out, I was caught by a total impulse buy–a book all about how to craft adorable plush creatures from socks and gloves and mittens.  I’m very excited!  So cute!  (which is why they displayed this book right by the registers, I’m sure)  But I have always wanted to make a sock elephant.  So.  Yay!

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