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I have been playing with spoonflower lately.  It’s so fun!  I uploaded some of my photos and have been inventing fabric with them, although I only actually ordered one of my designs to test so far, so that’s the only one that’s actually for sale.  When I get a couple more uploaded, I will order a swatch packet, but I’m not quite ready to do that yet.  But I’ve found that close-up photos of my knitting make really cool abstract designs when you tile them. Check it out! http://www.spoonflower.com/collections/24279 I can’t wait to actually get some of those in my hands to play with on the sewing machine.

But anyway, I am posting right now because I was just reading the spoonflower blog and I was really inspired by this project they posted a few days ago.  It’s for a custom lampshade made by gluing fabric over a white lampshade base.  This looks super easy to do, all you need is fabric and adhesive, and I love the finished product. Lamps and lampshades are such happy things, making soft warm light and cozy lit spaces.  Here’s the link. http://blog.spoonflower.com/2012/09/custom-fabric-lampshade.html


Did I mention that I finally set up the sewing machine?

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Really, what took me so long??  I really enjoy sewing!

Tonight I made a napkin and three cat toys.

And here is something cute that I sent to one of my sisters in a care package:

Yay for Grandma’s awesome old Singer!

more practice needlefelting

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I got some more needles in different sizes from etsy recently.  I haven’t really tried out their different effects, but I did finish a project I’d started before that had broken two of my first set of needles.  I think I got a little too enthusiastic…  It was a green cardboard berry box thingy that I decided to cover in felt, but stabbing directly into the cardboard obviously wasn’t a good idea!  When I learned my lesson and slowed down a little, things went much more smoothly.

Yarn Bowls

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I think I knew that these existed, but I hadn’t really thought about how awesome they are until I stumbled across one on etsy the other day.  So, just now I’ve been searching etsy and adding a few to my favorites.

Such an elegant way for keeping your yarn from rolling around!

With four cats and two dogs, our floor is inevitably hairy.  It’s really frustrating when my ball of yarn gets away from me and then comes back covered in fluff.  Usually I try to keep in-use yarn down inside my knitting bag to keep it clean, but that can get a bit tangly.

I especially like this one with its leafy pattern, from etsy seller claycrazypottery.  Click picture for etsy listing.

Yeah, so I am definitely adding yarn bowls to my wish list.  In the mean time, I am pretty sure that I have a metal canister with a hole in the lid designed for the same purpose.  It was a gift from a family member, I think, and I remember that I thought it was pretty nifty when I opened it, and then I never actually tried it out.  For shame!  So I should find that and give it a whirl.  I prefer the aesthetics of pottery, but you use what you have, right?  Right.


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Is this true of all craftspeople?  That no matter how many pairs of scissors you have, you can never find one when you need them?  Here is my impulse buy of the day.  I promise to lose them all within a week.



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I colored all over my styrofoam head with sharpies the other night.  I guess I’ll have to buy another one if I want a decoupaged head.

putting my head to work

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I still haven’t got around to decorating my styrofoam head, but I went ahead and used it to display a hat for picture-taking the other day.  It worked great!


Also, Sallie and I went to a thrift store yesterday and I noticed that they had quite a few styrofoam heads with hats on them.  And someone had drawn faces in marker on a few of them.  Which looked kinda silly, but also cute.  I’m half tempted to do that with mine, but I think paper mache will probably look a lot better.  Although… well, the head was only a couple of dollars.  And the store had a whole mountain of them.  I could buy another one…


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I made Sallie a witch hat for halloween, which turned out quite-well-if-I-do-say-so-myself, but I also broke the sewing machine in the process.  😦

inspiring supplies on etsy

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Imagine what you could make with these!  You can bet I am imagining all over the place.  🙂

click pictures to visit etsy listings


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Last weekend when I was home visiting my family, my mom brought out a box of random stuff she was getting rid of.  She said something like “I doubt you guys would want any of this junk, but I thought I’d ask.”  But look what was in the box!  This knitting bag used to belong to my great grandmother, who I remember dimly from when I was a kid.  Ok, it’s a little beat up, but it’s awesome!  My response was “oh yes Want want want the yarn yarn yarn bag!”  I think that the repetition of the word yarn is what takes it from merely nifty to truly awesome.  It reflects how excited some of us can get over the idea of yarn.  I wonder if grandma Murray made this herself.

yarn yarn yarn

Also, I promised a picture of my crochet chicken yesterday, so here he is.  I did end up deciding to list him on etsy.  I might make another one for my dad closer to xmas.  Maybe a bigger one, or at least in more dad-favorite colors.


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