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After I made the rat and the bear, I made a hippo, a different bear, a turtle, a beetle, and two hedgehogs. Knitting animals is super fun! All of the animals are now living with my nephew, except one of the hedgehogs, which I gave to my aunt. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the second hedgehog, but maybe my sister can get a picture of my nephew playing with it.

Next I am going to make this cat:, probably to send to my grandmother.

But right now I am taking a break from animals to work on a few shawls, plus a special project for a wedding present.

Here is a shawl that I finished while I was on vacation a few weeks ago, and I just wore it for the first time today because it was perfect weather for a fashionable cotton neck-wrap! I totally love how this turned out, and I look forward to wearing it frequently.

knittings 015

It was made from this pattern, with a few minor modifications. The yarn is reclaimed from a thrift store sweater that I dyed purple before unraveling.


Small gift

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One of my coworkers saw my knitted cellphone pouch and asked, “Where do you get a glasses case like that?”

So I answered, “Well, if you’re me, you make one.”

“But I don’t knit,” she said.

“I would love to make you one as a gift.”

“Ok, but I want to pay you for it.”

“No, I won’t let you pay. It’s a birthday present.”

(It really was her birthday when this conversation happened!)

Here’s the pouch that I brought to her the next day:


Made with handspun pink wool yarn plus black acrylic yarn (what I happened to have on hand in my work bag and my locker when I started knitting). Plus a glass button I selected from my giant bin o’buttons to match.

I think she liked it!

taking pride in finished projects

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Not proud of how long it took me to get around to posting pictures, but hey. This is still awesome and I felt very accomplished when I finished it. And it is actually the first sweater that I have ever knitted! I’ve crocheted a sweater before, but never knitted one! So, here it is, the adorable creation I made for Lewis’s first birthday:

20130818_093031 20130818_093047

This is the pattern I used: /

I didn’t do the pockets from the pattern because I think they make it a little too busy. It’s cute enough with just the ears, and I felt like the pockets would detract from the overall look. Besides that, I followed the pattern and I am quite happy with the finished product. The buttons are wood.

When my aunt saw this, she asked me if I could make one in an adult size exactly like it! I said yes, but I’ll have to find a pattern. I have confidence in my knitting, but not enough in my design skills to take a baby-sized pattern and modify it for a grown-up. But I’m sure I can find a similar hooded cardigan and add ears to it.

Also, here’s another recently finished project, the latest scrapghan. I’ve lost track of what number this is.


Cheddar of course had to help me take a picture of it. And he is sitting on my lap while I’m wrapped in the blanket right now! It’s a nice thick one because I used three strands of scrap yarn. I like using three strands because the color effect is a little more subtle and blended than it would be with just two strands. Of course, three strands also takes more yarn to get to a finished blanket, but my coworker Sara has started gifting me her scraps from her crochet projects, so at least I have a new source to feed my scrap yarn addiction!


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Here is the rather silly hat I made that I wrote about in the last post.  It has lots of colors!  It is fun and crazy!  The fabric I used was all leftover pieces from the two zipper pouches that I made for my sister while she was visiting me, so I wanted to give it to her even though I knew she would probably never wear it.  Sort of a joke gift, I guess.  But it was great to have those fabric scraps because it gave me something to practice the hat pattern with without feeling too perfectionistic about it.

My family was all together for Easter weekend, so I had the opportunity to take pictures of my sis wearing the hat.

003 004

You can see she is giggling because she has a silly bright-colored hat on her head.

She actually does wear hats a lot, and owns quite a few of them because she is really sensitive to sunlight and needs to keep covered up when she goes outside.  But she prefers hats that are just one color instead of several colors with polka dots and flowers and more polka dots.

So I will probably make her a more sensible one eventually.  I also need to find something to stiffen the brim a little next time.

I can post these pictures now.

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I made this cute little goat-y pouch for my sister for Christmas, but I hadn’t had a chance to give it to her yet, so I didn’t want to post pictures in case she saw them here.  But now she has received her gift and I can share with the world! Made with this fabric:


Highlighter Cozies

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One of my coworkers came into the office the other day complaining that she had lost her blue highlighter.  She’s a student, and highlighters are an important tool for students!  I happened to be knitting (a hat) at the time.  There was some joking around, and the idea of the highlighter cozy emerged.  I don’t remember who suggested it first, but I promised that I would make one for her.

So I got some highlighters!

The first version I made was crocheted with sparkly red yarn and the blue highlighter.  I gave that one to my student friend.  Then I made a knitted version with denim-colored yarn and the pink highlighter gave that one to another co-worker.  And then I made one for myself with the yellow highlighter and some variegated yarn.

There’s one highlighter left in the package!  I haven’t decided what color cozy it should have, or who I should give one too, but the right yarn and the right recipient will come along soon, I’m sure.

They are very easy to make, since it’s basically just a knit or crocheted tube.  I added a little loop at the top so it can hang from something. Fun!


This is your regularly scheduled scrapghan update

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I finally got around to cropping these pictures.

Number one, a graduation present for my youngest sister, A.  She’s going to college next year, gotta have a cozy scrapghan to bring along.  This one is a giant granny square with two strands of scrap yarn throughout.

Number two, a knitted version with THREE strands of scrap yarn held together.  I’ve been wanting to try it with three strands for a while, and I think this turned out pretty awesome.  I tried for a gradual shift between the colors.  Sort of a rainbow effect.  This one went home with my oldest sister, C.  She already had some of my afghan creations, but she had reported to me that her roommates have apparently been stealing them.  So I figured she could use another one.  Here she is modeling it!

lovely trees with my birthstone

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So, I bought one of these tree pendants for S a while ago.  Her birth stone is amethyst, and that sparkly amethyst purple color also happens to really suit her.  Plus it’s a tree!  It was a good present, really lovely and well-made, and the seller is very nice.

And now I keep looking at them and thinking about how maybe I would like one, too.  I actually don’t wear jewelry very often because I don’t always like the feeling of having extra things hanging on me.  Especially bracelets.  I get really annoyed with things around my wrists.  But I do like having pretty shiny things.  My favorites are semi-precious stones and sterling silver.  And these trees have both those things.  And they are really just gorgeous!

I’m a January baby, so my birthstone is garnet.  I can’t afford a tree right now, but if I could afford one, apparently I have two colors to choose from!  There’s the traditional dark red, and also a pretty pink.  Look:

Which color would you choose?

Dr. Who for your cat

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I was just browsing through my etsy favorites list, and I realized that I have recently added two different cat-related TARDIS items.  So I thought I should share.  If your kitty happens to be a Dr. Who fan, then here are some excellent suggestions for all gift-giving occasions!

(click pictures to go to etsy listings)

Look what my mom gave me!

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A whole bag of these big rolls of fabric strips!  There were 22 of them in the bag.  She got them at a yard sale, and then she shared them with me.  Thank you, mommy!  My mom knows my crafting habits well.  I’ve already started to crochet a basket, but I had to stop and put it down for a while because my wrist was getting tired.  I had surgery on my wrist a few weeks ago, and it’s not back to full strength yet.  Knitting is ok, but crochet is still a little difficult.  Anyway, I set the unfinished basket on the dining room table, and one of my cats immediately came over and climbed into it, even though he didn’t really fit.  Silly kitty!  I guess he was trying to tell me that I need to make a cat bed next.

I took this picture with my cell phone, so it’s not the greatest, but at least I captured a cute facial expression.  Cheddar the cat says, “you left this on the table and walked away, so it’s mine now!”

So, after I make a better-sized cat bed, what else should I create with this stuff? There’s enough to crochet a whole carpet!

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