Pirate Yarn Bowl

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I just added this to my favorites.  Yarrrrrrrrn!!!  I love pirates.  In fact, I’m in the middle of reading this book right now.  So obviously I fell immediately in love with this yarn bowl.  Love at first sight, me mateys! Yo ho ho!

Click picture to go to etsy listing because you’re going to buy it for me, right?

On a totally unrelated note, I also found out tonight that there is a kind of snail called the Assassin Snail, and they eat other types of snails.  Fascinating!  People apparently make use of them in aquariums when they have an overpopulation of snails eating their plants.  I don’t have an aquarium, and I don’t have any plans to get one any time soon, but I like learning about interesting creatures anyway.  Actually, maybe these guys aren’t totally unrelated to the idea of pirates.  They live in the water and they make their living by attacking other snail shells.  A shell is sort of like a ship.  Yarrr!


I really want to try this. Amazing.

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I am gonna get my hands on some RIT dye.


more practice needlefelting

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I got some more needles in different sizes from etsy recently.  I haven’t really tried out their different effects, but I did finish a project I’d started before that had broken two of my first set of needles.  I think I got a little too enthusiastic…  It was a green cardboard berry box thingy that I decided to cover in felt, but stabbing directly into the cardboard obviously wasn’t a good idea!  When I learned my lesson and slowed down a little, things went much more smoothly.


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Remember how I said I was going to practice needlefelting while I was on vacation?  Well, here’s something I made!  I’m really happy with how they turned out.  Probably because I adore all colorful things.  And I decided to call them unicorn eggs, because that just felt right.  I’ve never met a unicorn, but don’t you think that if they laid eggs, this is what their eggs might look like?

I decided to list them on etsy, so click picture if you’d like to see their page.


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Ok.  I thought I was getting better at spinning.  But I just made a HUGE MESS trying to ply some yarn I spun with another yarn.  I think I was going backwards or something…

More practice is needed!  Much more practice!

and spin again

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I played with my spinning wheel again this afternoon.  A small skein of really wonky superwash wool in blue and green is now hanging in the bathtub after having been rinsed in warm water to set the twist.  I’ll post pictures when it’s dry.  I am excited to make something out of it, even though it’s so very wonky and wobbly and overtwisted.  I need to learn how to spin the wheel a little slower.  But I am starting to be less frustrated.  Actually, I’m having fun!  So, yay, progress!

Also today I finally wound some yarn that I dyed a really long time ago into a tidy skein and listed it on etsy:

yarn 015

spin spin spin

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I’ve finally been practicing with my spinning wheel!  It’s hard.  I keep getting frustrated and then I have to step away for a few minutes and come back to it.  My thread will break, or I’ll start going backwards, or I’ll pedal too fast, or I’ll get tangled.  Or all of the above at once.

But I think I’m getting better at it!

Practice, practice, spin, spin, spin.

I love the idea of making my own yarn.  If only I had a sheep, too!  Then I could really be involved with every single step of my crafting.  I suppose spinning, dyeing, knitting, crocheting, and sewing are enough for now.

But it would be really awesome to have a llama.  Or a goat.  Goats are cute.

spinning wheel


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I have a confession to make:  I haven’t been using my spinning wheel at all.  I was so excited to get one, you’d think I’d be chaining myself to the thing, but instead I keep putting it off.  I think it’s because spinning is a lot harder than I thought it would be, so I feel a little intimidated.  But I’ll never learn if I never practice!


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Since I like to make stuffed critters and I also like to use recycled, upcycled, and eco-friendly materials, I’ve been looking for a way to make my stuffed creatures a little more eco-friendly.  I was feeling frustrated that I could make something awesome out of recycled yarn, but then I would still have to stuff it with polyfil.  Polyfil is nice and fluffy and works great for stuffing, but it certainly isn’t eco-friendly.

So I asked for some suggestions from the etsy forum community.  Here are some of the ideas:

Plastic bags, wool, cotton, bamboo, polyfil from recycled plastic, kapok, fabric scraps, beans or grains, wood shavings, yarn scraps, gravel.

I appreciated everyone’s input to the conversation, but I still walked away from it feeling a little confused!  I guess I was hoping for a perfect alternative, which I didn’t find.  Some of these materials can’t get wet.  Some are dusty.  Some are very expensive.  Some don’t hold their shape well and pack down over time.  Some are not child-friendly.

So now I am weighing my options and trying out some of these ideas.  I stuffed this little guy with yarn scraps, for instance:


But probably the best thing that came out of that conversation on etsy was that another seller offered to send me some scraps of fleece fabric that she’d collected that she didn’t know what to do with.  Wasn’t that nice of her?  And she was even a seller whose store I had already visited, so I went ahead and bought a cloth maxi pad from her, something I’ve been wanting to try, and then she put the fleece scraps in the package along with my purchase.  🙂  The package just came the other day, so now I can stuff my next creature with them.  Very exciting!

Here’s her store: Naturally Hip.

And one of her awesome products:

All I can say is hooray!

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I am the proud new owner of a spinning wheel!  I knew I wanted one sometime, but I didn’t think that the opportunity would arise so soon.  But my co-worker A and I were chatting at work the other day and she happened to mention that she had a spinning wheel stored in her basement, one that she didn’t use anymore because she’d bought a newer model.  So I asked if she would sell it to me and she said yes.  Yay!


The wheel just came home with me today, and I am quite clumsy at spinning still, but I’m already getting better just by practicing with it this evening.  And I am soooo excited!

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