Mommies and Mittens

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I stole this picture of my nephew from my sister’s blog because it is wicked cute, and also because of what he’s wearing! Exhibit A: the sweater I knitted for his birthday. Exhibit B: some mittens that my mom made him. Grandmas make the best mittens, clearly.

So cute!!!!

My mom is an expert knitter of mittens. When I was younger, she used to be crocheting constantly because she had a small business selling baby booties and fluffy sheep ornaments. Nowadays, she has transitioned to knitting mittens all the time. She has the pattern memorized and can make them in any size! Everyone in the family has some, but most of them are donated through the local family center and through the annual coat drive at her church. It makes me happy to think of all those mittens out in the world keeping people’s hands warm. Also, she saves all her scrap yarn for me, and you know how much I love scrap yarn!

Last time I was home, I took a picture of a pair of mittens that she had just finished. Then I found out that spoonflower had a mitten theme for one of their weekly design contests. So I used the photo to make a fabric design! I wish that I had better graphic art skills, and access to photoshop, but I’m happy with how it turned out anyway. Here it is:

And here is the spoonflower contests page so you can see all the other awesome designs, and vote if you want to!



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I have been playing with spoonflower lately.  It’s so fun!  I uploaded some of my photos and have been inventing fabric with them, although I only actually ordered one of my designs to test so far, so that’s the only one that’s actually for sale.  When I get a couple more uploaded, I will order a swatch packet, but I’m not quite ready to do that yet.  But I’ve found that close-up photos of my knitting make really cool abstract designs when you tile them. Check it out! I can’t wait to actually get some of those in my hands to play with on the sewing machine.

But anyway, I am posting right now because I was just reading the spoonflower blog and I was really inspired by this project they posted a few days ago.  It’s for a custom lampshade made by gluing fabric over a white lampshade base.  This looks super easy to do, all you need is fabric and adhesive, and I love the finished product. Lamps and lampshades are such happy things, making soft warm light and cozy lit spaces.  Here’s the link.

just sharing a link

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Someone on the regretsy forums just shared this, and I feel the need to further share the link because it’s very funny and completely awesome.  Also, I think this is something that my family would do.  My sisters and I tried doing a resin project a couple summers ago, but it was really rainy and humid, so the resin never set properly, plus we used the wrong type of containers and they sort of melted.  We didn’t really know what we were doing, but we had fun anyway!

So, without further ado, the link: Cheeseball in Resin!

pictures from my visit to new york city (and WEBS)

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First, this is my friend L’s yarn stash.  I just love how this looks, all arranged in bowls like a buffet of really delicious foods.  I could never get away with this sort of display in my own house.  The cats would knock everything all over the place and get it really hairy.  I have to keep my yarn sealed off from the world and hidden away!  L has more yarn than this, but the bowls are the highlight of her living room.  Fabulous!  I do want to copy her pretty glass jar full of scrap yarns, if I can find a good jar.  I almost bought a gigantic one with a glass peanut on the top of it at a flea market, but I decided it was too expensive.  Maybe I can find a good one at Recycle North (or ReSource or whatever it’s called now).

Next up, here is some very impressive sewing that L did.  This is a case for her DPNs, complete with little number labels to keep the sizes organized.  She said it took a really long time to make this, and I am not surprised to hear that!  I do not possess the patience required to sew something like this.


A close-up of the button.

Some pretty vintage thread on wooden spools.

We spent a lot of time sitting in the living room next to L’s yarn stash, knitting.  But we also took a day trip to WEBS in Northampton, MA.  I didn’t take any pictures inside the store because I was too busy frolicking amongst the yarn.  I spent a lot of money there!  I got a birthday present for my mom, lots of cotton yarns for S to use in the baby blanket she’s making, a book with patterns for knitting dinosaurs, and some yarn for myself, of course.  The whole visit with L was good, but I think the expedition to WEBS might be the highlight.  “America’s Yarn Store.”

Awesome Aprons!

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Today I would like to share the shop Elsie’s Flat with you!  We gave one of these aprons as a Christmas gift this past year, and I think they really need a wider audience because they are ridiculously bubbling over with cuteness.  I like to go back to this shop and take a peek at what fun new prints have been listed since last time I checked.  I’ve always had a love for brightly-colored things.  And these aprons are also really well-made.  And the woman who makes them is super nice as well.  So, really, what’s not to love?

See the amazing cuteness?

And if ruffles aren’t your thing, there are some not as cutesy styles that are still completely awesome:

Oh, and I should also mention that these aprons are really reasonably priced.  There are some on sale starting at about $20, and the most they go up to is $35.  Those are great prices for handmade stuff.  Even though I sew myself, and enjoy sewing, I don’t have the same eye for color, or the same style.  And I am nowhere near as neat and tidy when I sew!  So I can really appreciate what goes into making something like this.  It’s one of those things that I technically could make by myself, except that I couldn’t make it with nearly the same flair, so actually I couldn’t really make these at all.

a sense of humor pairs well with creativity

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I highly recommend this blog.  It is very funny.  But don’t click if you’re offended by profanity.

I will be adding this to my blogroll over there on the sidebar —–>

I may even try some of the ridiculous yet entertaining craft projects!  I actually really like these paper-covered balls, although they are pointless:

To quote the blog: “Great, now what the fuck do I do with them?” And then she lists them on etsy, which is the perfect response to that question, because selling pointless items is exactly what etsy is for!

I do, for real, like these balls.  Maybe I could buy them to throw at someone in the office if they were being too loud while I was on the phone?

lovely trees with my birthstone

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So, I bought one of these tree pendants for S a while ago.  Her birth stone is amethyst, and that sparkly amethyst purple color also happens to really suit her.  Plus it’s a tree!  It was a good present, really lovely and well-made, and the seller is very nice.

And now I keep looking at them and thinking about how maybe I would like one, too.  I actually don’t wear jewelry very often because I don’t always like the feeling of having extra things hanging on me.  Especially bracelets.  I get really annoyed with things around my wrists.  But I do like having pretty shiny things.  My favorites are semi-precious stones and sterling silver.  And these trees have both those things.  And they are really just gorgeous!

I’m a January baby, so my birthstone is garnet.  I can’t afford a tree right now, but if I could afford one, apparently I have two colors to choose from!  There’s the traditional dark red, and also a pretty pink.  Look:

Which color would you choose?

Dr. Who for your cat

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I was just browsing through my etsy favorites list, and I realized that I have recently added two different cat-related TARDIS items.  So I thought I should share.  If your kitty happens to be a Dr. Who fan, then here are some excellent suggestions for all gift-giving occasions!

(click pictures to go to etsy listings)

Pirate Yarn Bowl

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I just added this to my favorites.  Yarrrrrrrrn!!!  I love pirates.  In fact, I’m in the middle of reading this book right now.  So obviously I fell immediately in love with this yarn bowl.  Love at first sight, me mateys! Yo ho ho!

Click picture to go to etsy listing because you’re going to buy it for me, right?

On a totally unrelated note, I also found out tonight that there is a kind of snail called the Assassin Snail, and they eat other types of snails.  Fascinating!  People apparently make use of them in aquariums when they have an overpopulation of snails eating their plants.  I don’t have an aquarium, and I don’t have any plans to get one any time soon, but I like learning about interesting creatures anyway.  Actually, maybe these guys aren’t totally unrelated to the idea of pirates.  They live in the water and they make their living by attacking other snail shells.  A shell is sort of like a ship.  Yarrr!

my etsy wishlist

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