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From now on, all photography-related posts can be found at my new photoblog:

ūüôā¬† Yay!


through the viewfinder

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I’ve learned a new photo technique!¬† It’s a way to make your digital photos look all old and blurred, and all you have to do it get an old camera, and then hold your digital camera up to the viewfinder of the old camera¬†and snap away.¬† I think that old photos have quite an aura of romance to them with their strange distortions and soft focus, so I’ve been enjoying creating that look so easily with my own photos.¬† And it doesn’t even take any kind of fancy computer program.¬† The only thing I really needed to do once I uploaded my photos was to crop away all the extraneous blackness from the edges.¬† The hardest part was trying to line up the two cameras and hold them together long enough to get a good picture.


So, yeah, today was a really good day of thrift shopping.¬† I got¬†this old camera for a dollar¬†to try the viewfinder thing with.¬† I got some shirts for myself and some other ones to cut up for a project I’m thinking about doing.¬† I got some books.¬† I got a cute little doll that someone hand sewed.¬† I felt sorry for her being abandoned in the box of worn-out stuffed animals after someone had put all that work into stitching her together¬†and knitting her a little dress, so I rescued her and now she’s resting on the guest bed.¬† And I got a whole bundle of knitting needles for only a dollar and fifty cents!

Here are the knitting needles photographed with through-the-viewfinder love, plus a few other TtV images I made this afternoon:

 knit and crochet

the roof of the school across the street from where I live:
archaic dish

some red fluff on my carpet:
carpet with bits of red fluff

and the doll I rescued:

faded doll

well-worth sharing

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I’ve loved this website for a long time, and I just realized that I could write a blog about it so that if anyone who reads this hasn’t seen said website, they can click this link and become someone who has seen it!¬† (That was a convoluted sentence, now, wasn’t it?)¬† I have actually already written a post similar to this one, back when I used to blog on myspace, but I tell you, this is worth repeating myself over!

the link

And so you know what you’re clicking on: that link will lead you to the website of a guy who develops film that was left in old cameras for years and years.¬† Sometimes he buys the cameras and sometimes people send them to him.¬† But, oh, the old photos!¬† They’re so mysterious!¬† Why were they never developed?¬† Who are the people?¬† It’s like looking at ghosts.

photo opportunities everywhere

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I reallyreallyreally love taking pictures.¬† I dream of some day owning a really nice dslr camera and all the related equipment–lenses and tripods and light reflectors and a big black bag and adobe photoshop–and of knowing a lot more than I do now¬†about technique.¬† Then I could be a professional photographer and make lovely portraits and capture special moments at people’s weddings and sell framed prints in a gallery.¬† That’s one of my possible dream jobs.¬† Maybe I’ll turn to pursuing it if my current path doesn’t work out.¬† Photography runs in my family, after all.¬† But in the meantime I’m a happy amateur photographer with my trusty little canon point-and-shoot.¬† This afternoon, after my attention was caught by a¬†frozen/wilted tulip we’d left outside for the winter,¬†I spent at least half an hour snapping pictures, captivated¬†by all the many, many interesting¬†images¬†around my porch.¬† When I uploaded my pictures to the computer, there were 46 of them just from that one photo session.¬† It was a good time for taking pictures because it was snowing outside at the time, and the light was all pale and calm and diffuse.¬† Here are just a couple of them to share with you:

sad tulip
Where will you hang your dreams?

Nifty things to do with photos

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I’m subscribed to this email newsletter about photography that sends me links to interesting photo collections, camera products, photo project instructions, and photo-editing websites.¬† I think it’s¬†the only newsletter I’ve ever subscribed to that I actually read.¬† It’s lighthearted, and usually has interesting pictures to look at.¬† Plus I have photography in my genes.

Anyway, one of their recent links was to a website that “vectorizes” photos for you.¬† Basically, vectors are a way of composing an image so that it can be enlarged without looking horrible the way that pixelized images do.¬† I’m sure that the actual website explains it much more elegantly than that.¬† What they don’t explain is why vectorizing pictures is so addictive to me.¬† I’ve been doing it to lots and lots of the (many) images I’ve accumulated on my hard drive, and I’ve started to play with the various features of the website, vectorizing photos in the “logo” mode to make them look more cartoony, and messing with the colors, too.¬† It can even sort of improve blurry pictures.¬† Since I’ve been having so much fun with it, I thought I would share the link, and some examples of my finished photo alterations.

blue treespiderteasvinesat Fort Wordendusty bicycles

The site o’vectors:

The newsletter:

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