OMG baby goat sweaters!

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The cuteness:


today’s challenge

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Question: Can I take a men’s sweater and alter it to fit me better? I do sometimes buy men’s sweaters specifically to have something big and shapeless and cozy to wear. But today I found this sweater at the salvation army and it just won’t work for me unless I make some changes. I love the colors, but the neck is too stiff and tight, and the torso is way too long. It fits, but is neither comfortable or flattering.


Plan of action: First remove ribbed collar and re-knit to be looser, probably in a cowl style. Next, remove ribbed part at the bottom of the sweater, and maybe also the blue stripe above it. Maybe do the same to sleeves?

Stay tuned to see the finished result!

And if I don’t like how it turns out, I’ll just unravel the entire thing and re-use the yarn.

Mrs. Bale

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Sallie and I were watching “As Time Goes By” last night, and we both rather liked the sweater that Mrs. Bale was wearing in one of the episodes. So now I am browsing on ravelry, trying to find a similar lace pattern so I can make a Mrs. Bale scarf or shawl. It’s probably too much to ask to find the actual sweater pattern.

A new policy

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So, I have been thinking lately about all the handmade things that I create that I don’t know what to do with when they’re finished. A lot of what I make is for an intended recipient or purpose. But I also make many things just for the need-pleasure of creating. Sometimes I just want to use that one particular beautiful yarn. Sometimes I want to practice a technique or explore an idea. Sometimes I am just keeping my hands busy and seeing what comes out of them. Creativity is like that, you can’t always tell it what to do, it has its own unpredictable agenda.

Back when I first opened my etsy store, my idea was that I could just sell all the things that I made that didn’t have anywhere else to go. I figured, why not, I was making them anyway, it would be cool to get a little money from it. But after a while, selling things was just making me unhappy. I liked some parts of the etsy community, and it was pretty neat to trade homemade items with other craftspeople, but I found myself starting to think about what would sell and making things that I thought would be more popular. That was never my intention when I decided to have a store, and it was a little bit of an icky feeling. Also, all of the business-running stuff was just stressful for me. It was more work than I really thought it would be, to get decent photographs of each item and write accurate and catchy descriptions, all the tagging and titles and self-promotion, and especially the packaging and shipping. And then the etsy administration seemed to be getting less and less receptive to the needs of actual small craftspeople, doing nothing to police the fake handcrafts and reselling that were flooding their marketplace. At that point I was happy to empty my store and pull away. If I ever think about selling my work again, I will have to have some sort of business partner to do all the business-y stuff.

But that’s not really what I want!

Recently I have been sending some homemade things along when we make thrift store donations, hoping that they will find their way into the hands of someone who might need or appreciate them. For instance, I stayed up late knitting a hat the other night only to decide that I really wasn’t satisfied with the finished project, even though S and K both said it looked lovely. That hat is now in a bag with some clothing that we were planning to bring to goodwill. But putting a newly-made homemade garment in with all the used clothes doesn’t feel quite right, either.

So here’s what I have decided to do. When I make something that I don’t know what else to do with, I am going to post a picture of it to facebook (and maybe also here and twitter) and I will give people the chance to express an interest, first one to ask gets it. And if no one wants it, then I will donate it somewhere. I think this is a good idea because I like to share and to give gifts, and it might be a way of connecting with some of those facebook contacts who I don’t really interact with on a regular basis. Sending a real life package is much more fulfilling than just liking a status.

I hope that this will work out well! The first item is likely to be the shawl that I am knitting for my at-work, knit-at-my-desk-while-answering-phones project. It is very pink and I don’t like the color at all. Not an Ellen pink for sure. I go for fuchsia, but anything less saturated and I will usually turn up my nose. I can’t remember where I even got this yarn. But it is soft, and perfect for a light cotton shawl, and I am enjoying the simple ripple stitch that I’m using.

Anyway, this has been a somewhat wordy post, so I will end with a picture of the lap blanket that I crocheted for my sister for Christmas to match the color scheme of her bedroom. Because there should always be pictures in a blog post, right?



Fashionable Buttons

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adorable nephew

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I made a couple of wool balls for my ten-month-old nephew, and I keep forgetting to post the pictures. I forgot for so long that he’s almost eleven months old now!ImageImage

yarn graffiti

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Someone crochet-bombed a little tree down the street from my house.

Why is my knitting bag so heavy?

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So, I was putting away some stuff from my recent lake-side vacation with my family, and I picked up a bag of knitting so I could put the extra yarn back in the yarn drawer.  And the bag was really heavy!  Woops, I forgot it was full of rocks, too!

Here’s a picture of a bunch of fossils and other cool rocks I collected, on top of an almost-finished brightly-colored scrap yarn shawl I was working on while on vacation. Enjoy!

This is my wepay store

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New and improved!  Hopefully more ethical than paypal and etsy!

Shopping at Yellowee Creations

I’m a Vermonter, I do what I wanter.

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Hehe.  That expression cracks me up.

Thinking about this because I just found out that a recent creation of mine is featured in this Made in Vermont treasury on etsy.

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