This is your regularly scheduled scrapghan update

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I finally got around to cropping these pictures.

Number one, a graduation present for my youngest sister, A.  She’s going to college next year, gotta have a cozy scrapghan to bring along.  This one is a giant granny square with two strands of scrap yarn throughout.

Number two, a knitted version with THREE strands of scrap yarn held together.  I’ve been wanting to try it with three strands for a while, and I think this turned out pretty awesome.  I tried for a gradual shift between the colors.  Sort of a rainbow effect.  This one went home with my oldest sister, C.  She already had some of my afghan creations, but she had reported to me that her roommates have apparently been stealing them.  So I figured she could use another one.  Here she is modeling it!



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I have this thing about bedding.  Pillows, blankets, sheets.  I always want to buy them.  Especially blankets.  I want to curl up in a nest with soft things under me and soft things wrapped around me.  This is on my mind right now because we’re starting (here in Vermont) to have the first hints of fall.  It’s getting a little cooler at night.  There’s a certain flavor to the breeze.  And what does cool air mean?  Blankets, of course!  ‘Tis the season to crochet and knit and crochet and crochet and knit and crochet and just maybe quilt a million blankets.  (Not that I haven’t knitted, say, a 100% wool afghan in the dead heat of summer, but still…)

I need a whole new closet space just to fill with blankets.  Or maybe I will pile them all on the bed.  Sort of like the princess and the pea.  Only I’m the pea.

Sir Scrapghan the Third

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If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I have an ongoing project in which I save all my scraps of yarn in a huge ball, and then crochet afghans with them, and that I recently finished my second of these afghans.  Now that I’ve started to save up for my third, I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach.  I’ve cast on a double strand of scrap yarn on a large circular knitting needle, and I’m going to knit in each scrap as I acquire it.  It’ll take a long time to complete a blanket this way, but then again the other way took a long time, too.  And I like the idea of doing a knitted version.

I think I would be happy if I could spend the rest of my life knitting and crocheting blankets and curling up under them all one by one.

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