cat bed finished!

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I keep forgetting to take a picture of this, and I finally remembered today!  Here is mama Memphis kitty all blissed out in the finished cat bed I made with those fabric strips my mom gave me.  In other fabric strip update news, I can also report that my test basket went through the washing machine just fine.


Dr. Who for your cat

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I was just browsing through my etsy favorites list, and I realized that I have recently added two different cat-related TARDIS items.  So I thought I should share.  If your kitty happens to be a Dr. Who fan, then here are some excellent suggestions for all gift-giving occasions!

(click pictures to go to etsy listings)

update from yesterday’s post

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I finished the basket I was working on!  I had some various t-shirt scraps lying around, so I decided to add those to the top for more colors.  This is basically a test basket so that I can see if laundering is possible.  The rolls of fabric strips all smell a little musty, which isn’t surprising since they came from a yard sale and have probably been in storage in someone’s garage for a while.  So I am going to run this basket through the wash and see what happens.  Will it keep its shape?  Do the colors bleed?  Maybe I should use a smaller crochet hook for the next one so it will be a little tighter?  Cheddar kitty is also continuing to help with the testing process.  And no, I didn’t put him in there.  He did that himself.  I guess I had better get started making a bigger one so he can actually curl up and sleep in it!

Look what my mom gave me!

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A whole bag of these big rolls of fabric strips!  There were 22 of them in the bag.  She got them at a yard sale, and then she shared them with me.  Thank you, mommy!  My mom knows my crafting habits well.  I’ve already started to crochet a basket, but I had to stop and put it down for a while because my wrist was getting tired.  I had surgery on my wrist a few weeks ago, and it’s not back to full strength yet.  Knitting is ok, but crochet is still a little difficult.  Anyway, I set the unfinished basket on the dining room table, and one of my cats immediately came over and climbed into it, even though he didn’t really fit.  Silly kitty!  I guess he was trying to tell me that I need to make a cat bed next.

I took this picture with my cell phone, so it’s not the greatest, but at least I captured a cute facial expression.  Cheddar the cat says, “you left this on the table and walked away, so it’s mine now!”

So, after I make a better-sized cat bed, what else should I create with this stuff? There’s enough to crochet a whole carpet!

a striped blanket

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I started making this blanket, but then I got bored of it, so then S took over.  It’s a cooperative effort!  And the animals seem to rather like it.

Here’s a picture of just the blanket.

The green yarn in every other stripe is the last of a humongous cone of chenille that I got from freecycle when we were living in Atlanta.  I already made another afghan with the same yarn.  That’s a lot of yarn!

Crazy kitties

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This morning I woke up to find one of the doors to my craft cupboard wide open, and my spinning supplies scattered all over the kitchen floor.

Apparently one of the cats was hunting wool last night.

Mighty hunter!


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It’s such a good feeling when you finish a craft project and spread it out to look at it and you realize that you’re in love with what you’ve made.

I recently finished my third scrap yarn blanket. This was the knitted version–the last two were crocheted. It took me about a year to make, working on it off and on. That’s a long time! But omg do I love how it turned out. I was so happy that I took about a million pictures.  As usual, the cats helped me out with my photo shoot.

scrapghan 1scrapghan 2scrapghan 3scrapghan 4scrapghan 5scrapghan 6scrapghan 7

cooperative crafting

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For my birthday a few months ago, my sister Treeb gave me a bag full of scrap yarn, plus some extra granny squares from an afghan she’d recently finished. If you know me, you’ll know that this was a super-awesome gift. Scrap yarn is just about my favorite thing in the world. I’ve made several projects out of that bag, and I still have yarn left. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the granny squares, though. I unraveled a few of them because they had a color of yarn I wanted, but I felt bad doing that.

Well, I came up with a use for one of them: this cozy cat bed I just made! The color matched the other yarns I was using perfectly, so I sewed it on as a little decorative patch. 🙂 I am very happy with how it turned out.


My cats wanted to keep it, but they have enough cat beds that I’ve made for them already. I wouldn’t even know where to put another one! So this one’s up for sale on etsy, for someone else’s cat to love.

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