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This is what I made my daddy for his birthday!  I mailed it off today, but I took a picture before I taped the box up, because I think he turned out rather cute.

The chicken is made from a wool thrift store sweater that was already sort of felted, and which I felted more in the laundry.  And the nest is made out of those “jersey loops” thingies that we used to make pot-holders out of as kids, and long chains of finger weaving.  My mom used to make us more of them from old tights.  I found a package of them at recycle north a while back, and now I finally found a fabulous use for them!  And I put chickpeas in the bottom of the chicken to add a little weight and to help him sit nicely, and it really amuses me that they are CHICKpeas.  So I had to share that with you.  Heehee.

Finally, the cute card with the chocolate chips came from etsy photographer Heather King.  I traded for it.  And it’s lovely, so you should check out her shop.





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Last weekend when I was home visiting my family, my mom brought out a box of random stuff she was getting rid of.  She said something like “I doubt you guys would want any of this junk, but I thought I’d ask.”  But look what was in the box!  This knitting bag used to belong to my great grandmother, who I remember dimly from when I was a kid.  Ok, it’s a little beat up, but it’s awesome!  My response was “oh yes Want want want the yarn yarn yarn bag!”  I think that the repetition of the word yarn is what takes it from merely nifty to truly awesome.  It reflects how excited some of us can get over the idea of yarn.  I wonder if grandma Murray made this herself.

yarn yarn yarn

Also, I promised a picture of my crochet chicken yesterday, so here he is.  I did end up deciding to list him on etsy.  I might make another one for my dad closer to xmas.  Maybe a bigger one, or at least in more dad-favorite colors.


Recent creations

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I just finished making a really cute crochet chicken this evening.  I am super happy with how it turned out.  It’s funky and bright and has mismatched eyes and floppy legs and a giant pink comb.  Too dark right now to take decent pictures, but I’ll try to remember to photograph it tomorrow during daylight hours.  I can’t decide whether to list it on etsy or to give it to my dad as a present.  He collects chickens.  And he is one of the family members that S and I drew out of the hat for xmas gifts.  But that’s a long way away.

I did list my other recent creation, an assymetrical purse that I made this weekend while visiting the family.  I have way too many purses already to keep this one:


Also, I saw this GORGEOUS painting on etsy today.  I wish I had lots of money to spend on art!  And lots and lots of wall space.  I like this painting particularly because it makes me feel calm, and it invites me into its space, its world, its world of spacious space.  I feel like I could step right through that square of sky and float down and land gently  in the field and wander blissfully amongst the cows.


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chicken tasting a trilobite

Originally uploaded by yellowlens

Nerdcrafting. Or you could also call it geekcrafting. It’s those little creative projects that you enjoy in the same part of your soul that enjoys science projects, mathematical equations, and science-fiction television. I’m not a big nerd, being more of a fru-fru scatterbrained creative type than a logical, organized engineering, computer, or mathematical type. But no one fits perfectly into one category. And I’ve been doing some pretty geeky knitting and crocheting lately. First it was the crocheted hyperbolic forms. And then it was the Dalek for K’s birthday. And now I’ve made four of these little fossilized friends. The one pictured at the mercy of a ceramic chicken was just the first. I can’t wait to see what will catch my fancy next!

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