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I’ve heard people say that pooling of colors is one of the reasons that they dislike using variegated yarns, but that’s actually one of my favorite things about variegation, and why I have a strong tendency to pick a multicolored yarn over a single color.

If you haven’t heard the term before, “pooling” refers to the tendency of variegated yarns to form blotches of color or strange patterns when they’re knitted up into a finished garment.  Pooling usually happens when the item you’re knitting or crocheting doesn’t have the same number of stitches in every row.  Something large, like a sweater, would be quite likely to have pooling of colors.  I guess some people prefer even stripes, or a more blended look without any large patches of color.

The reason I like it when my variegated yarns make odd patterns is that I enjoy the unpredictability.  What are the colors going to do next?  This is one of the reasons that I sometimes have trouble putting my knitting down and going to bed.  I want to see how the next row will look, and the next row, and the next row.

Right now I am knitting a shawl with some green and white yarn that I reclaimed from a sweater.  The sweater had two strands of yarn, the one I am using now, plus a dark blue strand.  The variegated yarn was sort of hidden behind the other yarn.  You could see that it was multi-colored, but the sweater was definitely dominated by the dark blue color and not by the greens.  Now I have separated it out, it’s as if I have freed the colors.  It’s actually a really pretty yarn by itself, and I am enjoying creating this shawl and letting those colors play.  I’ve got some stripes and I’ve got some blendy bits and I’ve got some blotches and I love it all.


Yummy Favorites!

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I like to use the word yummy to describe non-edible things.  Yummy colors and combinations of colors, yummy scents.  That’s what I’m talking about here.  Yummy etsy.

I would like to introduce you to a seller I have been drooling over today: HastingsHomestead.  I had some of this seller’s bags in my favorites already, and then today I noticed that they also have beeswax candles in vintage glass containers, so then I had to add the whole shop to my favorites.  Everything is nicely photographed, which is always a good feature for an etsy shop.  Plus this person obviously has a good eye for fabrics (or in other words they have a very similar taste to mine in color and pattern).  That’s the same as good taste, right?

And speaking of yummy, there isn’t anything much yummier to smell than beeswax candles.  Mmmmmmm, I can smell it just looking at it!  Mmmmm!

(click picture for etsy listing)

They also have quilts and very cute bibs and pillowcase dresses for the kiddos.  And here is one of the tote bags that I have been admiring.  Orange and green isn’t a color combo that everyone likes, but personally I find it very cheerful.

(again, click pic for listing)

And if you just happen to be shopping for me, I want a quilt, too, please.

useful information

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I have been playing with my drop spindle this evening. I hadn’t used it in a while, but I got some roving for christmas, which inspired me. First I spun a little clump of roving in a color I didn’t really like, for practice. It was sort of a tan/brown color that didn’t look good with any of the other colors of roving. But it was still fun to spin! Then I tied it into a little skein and dragged the crockpot out of the closet and now I’m dyeing it green! Then I started spinning some of the other roving. I combined a red clump with an orange clump and part of a dark green clump, and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of this spinning thing. The second collection of colors looks quite festive, and I can’t wait to see it all twisted up in a skein, and S said that she’d probably like to knit something with it. Yay!

So, anyway, I wanted to post this blog entry to share a useful link. With handspun yarn, the next step after spinning is to set the twist. This blog has a nice detailed set of instructions that helped refresh my memory on how and why to do that. Here’s the link: http://gamerknitterwritergeek.blogspot.com/2007/05/blocking-handspun-yarn.html

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