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Remember how I said I was going to practice needlefelting while I was on vacation?  Well, here’s something I made!  I’m really happy with how they turned out.  Probably because I adore all colorful things.  And I decided to call them unicorn eggs, because that just felt right.  I’ve never met a unicorn, but don’t you think that if they laid eggs, this is what their eggs might look like?

I decided to list them on etsy, so click picture if you’d like to see their page.


restarting UFOs

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UFOs (unfinished objects in craft lingo) are a problem for almost every craftperson.  They’re the projects that end up sitting  in a box somewhere with a ball of yarn still attached.  The ones where inspiration dried up, or the ones that got interrupted by a more exciting project.  That last reason is usually my biggest problem.  Whenever I get new yarn, I want to start making something out of it right away.  But anyway, for whatever reason, those unfinished projects can really start to take up space.  And it’s kind of depressing to see them sitting in a drawer all the time.

So, anyway, I have been considering my UFOs lately.  And I decided that there was no reason that they had to become the finished project that they were originally intended to be.  Maybe I’ve had this same revelation before, and I ‘d just forgotten about it.  Or maybe it really is the new idea that it feels like.  It led me to some inspiration, anyway!

Here are two creatures that I made this past week.  The first one was created from something that was meant to be a purse, and the second from an unfinished baby blanket.  And I’m really happy with both of them!  So, yay for renewed inspiration and creativity!

sea cucumber:

sea cucumber



cooperative crafting

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For my birthday a few months ago, my sister Treeb gave me a bag full of scrap yarn, plus some extra granny squares from an afghan she’d recently finished. If you know me, you’ll know that this was a super-awesome gift. Scrap yarn is just about my favorite thing in the world. I’ve made several projects out of that bag, and I still have yarn left. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the granny squares, though. I unraveled a few of them because they had a color of yarn I wanted, but I felt bad doing that.

Well, I came up with a use for one of them: this cozy cat bed I just made! The color matched the other yarns I was using perfectly, so I sewed it on as a little decorative patch. 🙂 I am very happy with how it turned out.


My cats wanted to keep it, but they have enough cat beds that I’ve made for them already. I wouldn’t even know where to put another one! So this one’s up for sale on etsy, for someone else’s cat to love.


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I have two skeins of yarn hanging up in the living room, two skeins of yarn in various stages of wash or dye in the kitchen, and another skein dripping in the tub.

purple, white & green, red, orange, bluegreen

dye, spin, salvage

another mitten!

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In my last post I talked about a lonely mitten from the lost and found at work.  Now it seems that one lost mitten attracts more lost mittens.  Because we came home from the laundromat on Sunday with another.  And an extra sock that we’d never seen before.  So now I have: one gray mitten, one green and white mitten, and one black sock with pictures of coffee cups on it.  The challenge is to create something that incorporates all three of these items!

craft community

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Today S and I are planning to meet a friend and go to a knitting group together.  I hope it’s fun!  I haven’t really participated in knitting groups much, but they seem like an awesome opportunity to socialize with other creative people.  Hopefully there will be other people there, not just S and I and our friend.  But that would be fun, too.  I’m sure we can find something to chat about.  I am having trouble deciding what project to bring along, though.  What I most feel like working on at the moment is T’s blanket, but that’s kinda humongous to carry around, especially since we’ll be walking there.  🙂

In other news, I am very excited that it’s snowing outside, even though it’s just a little bit of snow.  I am also excited because I had my first etsy sale a few days ago.

an easy alternative to screen-printing

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I’ve always thought that it would be cool to make my own screen-printed shirts and other fabric items, but the technique always looks really difficult, with specialized equipment involved.  And it sounds messy, too.  I’m a crafter who lives in a fairly small space, and it’s already difficult to keep all my current projects organized and out of the way.  So I was interested to see these instructions on how to make a screen-printed look without needing a screen or a squeegee or anything.  Really, it seems sort of obvious.  All you need is a stencil!  I’ve used a stencil before.  I guess you need other crafters to point out the obvious sometimes, and then you just apply your own creativity and funky ideas to the technique.


sock people

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I brought my new “sock and glove” book on vacation with my family.  I made a sock monkey out of socks with monkeys on them.  My sister made a “socklops.”  The socklops pattern isn’t actually in the book–just inspired by the general structure of the sock creatures in the book.  She made a fish, too, but the socklops is more awesome, so that’s the one that got its picture taken.  🙂

born to knit and crochet

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This evening S and I were chatting and I said something about how I sort of imagined my aura as covered with yarn.  I don’t remember what got us on that topic, but anyway, she said that I probably paid attention to my mom crafting things while I was in her uterus developing before I was born, and that I probably thought to myself, oh, that looks interesting, I want to give that a try as soon as I get out of here!

Actually, I don’t think I learned how to knit and crochet until I was eleven or something.  But maybe it was in my blood all the same.


I have the power of TITANIUM!

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So, the other day I had a desperate search all over the house, trying to find some decent scissors.  I wanted to cut some fabric, and all I could find was a tiny pair that hurt my hand to use, the haircutting scissors, which I didn’t want to blunt by over-using them, and a really dull ancient pair.  I tried using the dull ones on my project, but it was just too frustrating to keep at it for long.

 What’s a girl to do?

Then tonight S called me from the grocery store on her way home from work and asked if there was anything I could remember that we needed.  I think she was referring to food, but I remembered the need for scissors, and the fact that I’d seen some there when I was shopping for easter-basket treats.  I don’t know how well one can trust the quality of grocery store scissors, but these ones looked decent.  Plus they said that the blades were titanium-coated.  I mean, just that word makes them sound all high-tech and special, doesn’t it?

Titanium, titanium, titanium.  Scissors of the Titans!

So I asked S to buy them for me, and now I am cutting an old t-shirt into strips for use as t-shirt strip “yarn.”  And these scissors work WAY better than those old crappy ones.  So now I’m happy.

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