inspiring supplies on etsy

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Imagine what you could make with these!  You can bet I am imagining all over the place.  🙂

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one of my favorite places

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S and I went to Recycle North this afternoon.  We got a bright orange plastic caddy thingy, a picture frame, four skeins of yarn plus a bag of yarn scraps, and a few yards of fun polka-dot fabric, all for four dollars.  I love that place.

And I love having new yarn to work with.  It’s inspiring.  I should unravel that red wool sweater that’s been sitting waiting, because I know it’s going to look lovely when it’s dyed.

Also, the picture frame that we bought still had a photo of someone’s wedding in it.  I don’t know why you would donate a frame without taking your personal pictures out first.  Even if you didn’t want the picture, it seems an invasion of privacy or something to just send it out into the world like that.  Anyway, we put our sexy fat lady in the frame, and now we don’t know what to do with the photo.  It seems fit for some art project, too sad to just throw it away.  I guess we’ll wait for inspiration to strike.

venturing forth into the world of etsy

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I made an etsy store! I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and now I’ve finally done it.  My store is called “yellowee” because yellow is a color that has a special place in my heart.

There’s only one item for sale right now, because I happened to already have a photo of it, but more shall come, more shall come. S and I both love to make stuff.

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Man!  I really want to make a list of the presents that I’m planning to craft for people, but I’m scared that they might come look at my blog and become unsurprised.  I guess I’ll just make a list of hints.  Then I’ll know what I’m talking about, but everyone else can be mystified.

  • I am working on something pretty and red for C1
  • I am giggling while I plan something cuddly and blue for K
  • I am dreaming of something sparkly for C2, plus I can start anytime on something soft and gray
  • I have a couple of ideas for M, including something scrumble-ish, and something embroidered
  • I hope to find a good idea or pattern that will work for A’s collection.  The scrumble-ish item could work for her, too.
  • I still have to think of something fabulous for S

Good.  I feel sort of organized now.

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