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Recently, a local farm, Pete’s Greens, had a devastating fire in their barn.  I found out today that there’s going to be an auction fundraiser to help them out.  Sounds like there are some pretty cool items getting donated!  I thought I would donate a gift certificate to my etsy shop, even though that’s not worth as much as some of the other items.  It feels good to help, though.  Here’s the website if you want to check it out:


Help the gulf coast. Please.

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This oil spill is heartbreaking.  Why do we do such things to our beautiful mother earth?

Here is a collection of items on etsy whose proceeds will be donated to help the coast.  There’s a shop full of donations, just like the one they made after the Haiti earthquake.

This treasury is just a small selection, so definitely check out the whole store.  There’s some great stuff.

A scarf for Haiti

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I made a donation to the hearts for haiti etsy shop that I posted about in my last entry.

It looks like the shop is doing really well, which makes me happy.  They’ve got nearly 200 items for sale last time I checked, and 161 sales already.  It’s so good to know that people care.  So good.  Every news story I read about Haiti has been heartbreaking, and I know that every small thing we can do to help is desperately needed.

So, yeah.  Here’s my scarf.  If it sells, I plan to donate something else.  Keep this going.

Click picture for link to etsy.


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Proceeds from this etsy shop will be donated to Doctors Without Borders to help with the Haiti earthquake crisis.  Check it out.  Buy something if you’ve got the cash.  I’m going to donate an item as soon as I figure out what.


getting a head

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Please excuse the pun.  I couldn’t help it.

I really did buy a head last night.  A styrofoam head.  I am going to paper mache it, and then use it to display hats on when I take pictures of them for etsy.  I am looking forward to the paper mache project, because I don’t think I’ve done that since elementary school!  I hope we have some white glue.

Anyway, here’s a hat that I made this weekend with some yarn that my dear friend L gave me.  It was lovely to see her!  I hope that we do get to visit NY city in November.  I made this hat all in one day, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.   I decided to donate it to a bakesale/raffle thingy that my mom is doing as a fundraiser for the food shelf in my hometown.  I hope someone will love it and take it home!  It makes me happy to think of things I make going to someone who will love them.  🙂

red and purple hat

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