I really want to try this. Amazing.

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I am gonna get my hands on some RIT dye.




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I turned the bathtub turquoise when I was tie-dyeing.  I kinda wish it would stay that way, but S said it was washing off when she was in the shower just now.  Since we don’t own this house, I guess that’s for the best.  Still, turquoise is pretty!

latest batch

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I almost wrote “latest bath” in the title.  Well, I guess dying yarn is sort of like giving it a bath.  A color bath.  And then you wash it afterwards to get the extra color out.

Anyway, some yarn:

vinegar and wool

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I dyed four skeins of yarn yesterday!  One of them is grapefruit-colored, because I was inspired be learning that pamplemousse means grapefruit in French.  Isn’t that a cool word?  The other three skeins are just whatever colors I felt like dropping into the crockpot at the time, which is my usual dye process.  I think they all turned out lovely!  I’ll have to wait and see when they’re dry whether I want to keep them, gift them, or sell them.  Also, S gets dibs on any that inspire her.


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My fingertips are green.  And under my fingernails.  I felt like dying yarn this evening, which pretty much means that I will get green all over me because the bottle leaked puddles of green all over everything in my little yarn-dying supply tub.  So I have to pretty much stick my fingers right in a puddle of green dye every time I’m playing with the crockpot, even when I’m dying something orange or blue or purple.

Not that I mind being green.  It is one of my favorite colors.  My house is surrounded by a jungle of green leaves.  But I hope it washes off by the time I go to work tomorrow, because I think my boss is somewhat likely to make a comment on the discoloration of my fingers, and I never know how to respond to her random comments.

from the same to very different

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green crochet pouch


These pictures are of two recent creations of mine.  I think it’s interesting to look at the pictures side by side because the yarn I used to make these is actually the exact same yarn.  I just treated it very differently for each project.  The little pocket pouch is the original colors, but I felted it to a nice thick texture.  The other project, a scarf, kept the original texture of the yarn, but I overdyed it with blue and purple.  I guess you could call these guys siblings that have only a little family resemblance.

The scarf’s actually not quite done.  I finished the knitting part, but I want to add some embelishments.  A bit of crochet, I think, but I have to decide what yarn to use.  Something bright?  Or something more subtle and matchy?  Hmmm.

bright green

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I dyed some of that handspun yarn I found at a thrift store.  This was a little test skein to see how it took the color, and I’m really happy with how it turned out!  Next I’ll do a bigger skein, maybe variegated instead of just one color.  Variegated yarn excites me.  Bright colors excite me.



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I have two skeins of yarn hanging up in the living room, two skeins of yarn in various stages of wash or dye in the kitchen, and another skein dripping in the tub.

purple, white & green, red, orange, bluegreen

dye, spin, salvage


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I’ve been dyeing tons and tons of yarn in the new crockpot.  Well, maybe not literally tons, but lots anyway.  But the other night I left some red wool in there and walked away, and then I fell asleep, and, well, it wascooking for a really long time and the water even started boiling.  I don’t know how long it boiled before I got back to it.  Luckily the water didn’t all boil away and cause a housefire or anything.  But I’ve washed the yarn repeatedly and it still smells a little…toasted.  Woops.  I’ve got it hanging out on the porch now, airing out.  Maybe that will help?  Strangely, the texture doesn’t seem to have been affected.  Somehow this experience makes me want to knit some kind of monster with this skein of yarn.  I think it’s a guilt monster.

meet my crock

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L does her yarn dyeing in crockpots, and she was telling me how easy it is.  You can just walk away and let the yarn soak up the color.  And she has created some lovely results!

I saw a crockpot for sale at a thrift shop recently, and I went back and forth about whether to get it, and finally didn’t because I didn’t want to carry it home.  But today I decided to go back and see if it was still there.  And it was.  And now it’s plugged in, sitting on my kitchen counter, and contains a sweater that wanted to be purple.

I have blue fingers again, just like last time I played with dye, because I just can’t resist sticking my hands in and squishing things around.

crockpot by the back door

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