Awesome Aprons!

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Today I would like to share the shop Elsie’s Flat with you!  We gave one of these aprons as a Christmas gift this past year, and I think they really need a wider audience because they are ridiculously bubbling over with cuteness.  I like to go back to this shop and take a peek at what fun new prints have been listed since last time I checked.  I’ve always had a love for brightly-colored things.  And these aprons are also really well-made.  And the woman who makes them is super nice as well.  So, really, what’s not to love?

See the amazing cuteness?

And if ruffles aren’t your thing, there are some not as cutesy styles that are still completely awesome:

Oh, and I should also mention that these aprons are really reasonably priced.  There are some on sale starting at about $20, and the most they go up to is $35.  Those are great prices for handmade stuff.  Even though I sew myself, and enjoy sewing, I don’t have the same eye for color, or the same style.  And I am nowhere near as neat and tidy when I sew!  So I can really appreciate what goes into making something like this.  It’s one of those things that I technically could make by myself, except that I couldn’t make it with nearly the same flair, so actually I couldn’t really make these at all.


Dr. Who for your cat

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I was just browsing through my etsy favorites list, and I realized that I have recently added two different cat-related TARDIS items.  So I thought I should share.  If your kitty happens to be a Dr. Who fan, then here are some excellent suggestions for all gift-giving occasions!

(click pictures to go to etsy listings)

etsy frustrations

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I am feeling pretty sad right now.  As you probably know, I’ve been a big fan of etsy for a while.  I’ve had a love affair with shopping there, and I was super proud to have a shop of my own.  Well, the love affair is over.  If you haven’t heard about it, a few days ago etsy decided to promote a shop whose items that obviously weren’t handmade.  The featured shop was in clear violation of etsy’s own written terms of use for etsy sellers. In response to public outcry, instead of apologizing, etsy has been deleting comments and closing discussion threads.  Their only public statements on the matter have been frustrating non-apologies.  So, after some unhappy thinking, I’ve decided to close my etsy shop.  I’ll be moving my stuff gradually over to  I’m also having a 25% off closing sale in my etsy shop.  If you’d like to take advantage of the sale, the coupon code is BBALI, which will be good in my etsy shop as long as I keep it open.

If you haven’t heard about this etsy scandal, here are some links.  Coverage started with regretsy, and has snowballed from there:,,,,

I feel heartsick to be leaving etsy, because there are many many good people there and tons of wonderful and truly handmade creations.  But I just can’t continue to support the hypocrisy.  It’s time for my online time to be spent somewhere with a little more integrity.  I think I will keep my etsy account open as a buyer so I can occasionally purchase from shops that I know are true to the standards of handmade, but I’m pulling away.  I feel that it is time for me to move on.



my etsy wishlist

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a collection of lovelies

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I am very proud of my most recent treasury that I’ve curated on etsy.  Please come take a look!  It’s a celebration of the popularity on etsy of photographing products against a backdrop of weathered barnwood.  I did accidentally include one seller twice, but that’s ok because I think it turned out just great.

You know I love buttons!

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How about buttons and christmas together?  I can’t resist!

From NatesMommyMadeIt on etsy:

click pictures to go to etsy listings

Yummy Favorites!

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I like to use the word yummy to describe non-edible things.  Yummy colors and combinations of colors, yummy scents.  That’s what I’m talking about here.  Yummy etsy.

I would like to introduce you to a seller I have been drooling over today: HastingsHomestead.  I had some of this seller’s bags in my favorites already, and then today I noticed that they also have beeswax candles in vintage glass containers, so then I had to add the whole shop to my favorites.  Everything is nicely photographed, which is always a good feature for an etsy shop.  Plus this person obviously has a good eye for fabrics (or in other words they have a very similar taste to mine in color and pattern).  That’s the same as good taste, right?

And speaking of yummy, there isn’t anything much yummier to smell than beeswax candles.  Mmmmmmm, I can smell it just looking at it!  Mmmmm!

(click picture for etsy listing)

They also have quilts and very cute bibs and pillowcase dresses for the kiddos.  And here is one of the tote bags that I have been admiring.  Orange and green isn’t a color combo that everyone likes, but personally I find it very cheerful.

(again, click pic for listing)

And if you just happen to be shopping for me, I want a quilt, too, please.

my most recent addiction

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I have made six of these so far, and I fully intend to make more as soon as I find more balls of yarn that deserve to be covered in bright colors.  I really enjoy needle felting, and these are especially satisfying because of the spherical shape.

some lovely things

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This shop was just featured on the front page at etsy, so perhaps she doesn’t need any more publicity, but I just love the artfulness of these crochet creations.  They have such pleasing, organic shapes, that I just couldn’t resist writing this little note about them on my blog.  I especially appreciate the fact that the artist doesn’t feel the need to make her crochet into something useful.  Many of the creations in the shop are sculptures, art.  Crochet is familiar to most people as a domestic craft for making dishcloths and afghans and hats and such, but it also is a wonderful sculpture technique.  In crochet, it is very easy to make a three-dimensional shape, and the possibilities are endless, especially once you free yourself from the need for a pattern.

Uloni on etsy:




oh well

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I am kinda really sad that this has sold, cuz I kinda really wanted it.  Oh well.  There will be other awesome things on etsy, always.



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