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In our current housing situation, my sewing machine unfortunately doesn’t have a permanent home except inside its own storage case. When we have our own house, maybe I can have a sewing room? But for now I have to make do with dragging it out of the closet when I want to sew. So I haven’t been doing much sewing lately.

That’s ok, really. This blog post wasn’t meant to be just a bunch of complaining. If I’m not doing one kind of craft project, that just means that I’m doing a different craft instead, and I’m happy either way.

But what I meant to say was that some of the sewing I did last night was very delayed. These were actually supposed to be a christmas present for S:

sewing 001 sewing 002

It’s a flaxseed-lavender eye pillow with two removable covers made from cotton/silk blend fabric in this lovely jellyfish print:

I picked out the jellyfish fabric with this project in mind because they’re both peaceful and also a little surreal and dream-like. Also I think some of these are called moon jellies.

So, this was a bit late for a christmas present, but she really liked them! I actually made two other flax pillows last night, too, but I didn’t take pictures of the other two. One was a cotton knit with a scattered petal print, the other was a fabric that’s been in my stash for a while with a blue and brown pattern and a very nice drapey-silky feel to the fabric.

S likes to sleep with an eye pillow every night, so I make these semi-regularly. They tend to get lost under the bed or lose their scent over time or get discolored from being used a lot. I am trying something new with the removable pillowcases, but it seemed like a good idea to be able to take the covers off and wash them.

And then I also made a pillowcase for a throw pillow!

sewing 003

The case that came with this pillow was just terrible. It looked great in the store when we bought it, of course, but then it deteriorated and has been looking very bad for quite a while. It was really really satisfying to throw it away and make a new cover! I picked the pink plaid simply for the practical reason that it has built-in lines so it was easy to measure and cut it without having much space to spread out the fabric. The center panel is this fabric from my spoonflower collection:, which I used as sort of a cheater-quilt block, sewing down all the lines around the squares. Then I added a freeform ruffled border with some pretty flowers to tie it all together. I think it turned out rather cute and I am so very glad to have this pillow looking respectable again.

I still have a big chunk of the plaid left. Maybe I will make a matching cover for our other throw pillow.


recent sewing

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A napkin with knit-pattern fabric, posed with yummy apple butter that K gave us for Christmas.

A sailboat zipper pouch that I made to exactly fit a book.  I was worried that I mis-measured, but it fits like a glove!

A yummy lavender eye pillow in spoonflower’s lovely silk/cotton blend printed with flowers that S drew.


Spoonflower.  I am addicted.  And I am especially really happy with how the flower fabric turned out.  It was a lot of work to cut out flowers from S’s doodles and scan them all and then edit the files for a satisfactory finished arrangement.  But it was totally worth it!  Look how awesome!  And I think it’s quite lovely that S was willing to let me take scissors to some of her marker art so that this fabric could become a collaboration between the two of us.  I gave the eye pillow to her, of course.

If you’re ordering yourself something from spoonflower, that silk blend fabric is really nice to touch and has a glow-y sheen to it.  It’s a little sheer, so I backed it with a plain white cotton to make the pillow sturdier, but the texture is absolutely perfect for an eye pillow.  The purple knit is one of my designs, too, printed on basic cotton.  The sailboat fabric was a thrift shop treasure find.

Now I am working on a design with some spirals that S drew, trying to learn about pattern repeats in fabric design.  It’s challenging!  We shall see where I get to.  I’m not ready to order a sample yet.  Also, I cut up one of my marker drawings and have been playing with that in a pattern that I’m calling “caterpillars.”  So.  More to come…

Here are the links for the two fabrics pictured above: and


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