a sense of humor pairs well with creativity

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I highly recommend this blog.  It is very funny.  But don’t click if you’re offended by profanity.

I will be adding this to my blogroll over there on the sidebar —–>

I may even try some of the ridiculous yet entertaining craft projects!  I actually really like these paper-covered balls, although they are pointless:

To quote the blog: “Great, now what the fuck do I do with them?” And then she lists them on etsy, which is the perfect response to that question, because selling pointless items is exactly what etsy is for!

I do, for real, like these balls.  Maybe I could buy them to throw at someone in the office if they were being too loud while I was on the phone?



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Gee, I hope none of my etsy items ever end up here: Regretsy.com.  I’ve added this to my “distractions” category of bookmarks, so I can learn what not to try to sell and keep myself entertained all at the same time!  🙂

Here are some beautiful etsy items for contrast.  Click on pictures for listings.

suggestions needed

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S found this fascinating product at the salvation army today, and bought it for me.  Because it’s funny.  But also because she thought I could possible make something out of it.  So, I’m looking for suggestions.  What should “a girl’s secret” be?

girl's secret 1girl's secret 2girl's secret 3

girl's secret 4

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