adorable nephew

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I made a couple of wool balls for my ten-month-old nephew, and I keep forgetting to post the pictures. I forgot for so long that he’s almost eleven months old now!ImageImage


Dr. Who for your cat

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I was just browsing through my etsy favorites list, and I realized that I have recently added two different cat-related TARDIS items.  So I thought I should share.  If your kitty happens to be a Dr. Who fan, then here are some excellent suggestions for all gift-giving occasions!

(click pictures to go to etsy listings)

What am I working on right now?

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I am knitting myself a hat!  Now, I already have a drawer full of knit and crochet hats at home, and many of them are ones that I made for myself before.  But sometimes you just need a change, or a little something new.  That drawer is due for a purge.  And I got this lovely and interesting yarn for Christmas.  My dad ordered it for me from this etsy shop.  It’s just the kind of self-striping hand-spun yumminess that makes a perfect knit hat.  And since the yarn was my gift, the hat is going to be for me too.  I have declared it!

Here’s a picture of the yarn from its etsy listing:

I’m hoping that I can finish the hat tonight while I’m at work so I can wear it home.

S’s beautiful blanket

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S has been crocheting a blanket for her sister, and she just finished it!  I really love the colors she picked out–they’re so rich and vibrant.  I turned out really beautiful.  Here she is posing with it:

I hope her sister will love it.  I’m sure she will.  All that love crocheted into every stitch.  That’s the perfect thing to cuddle with when you’re feeling chilly and perhaps a little sad.  Nothing like bright colors and sisterly care to keep you warm!

Look what my mom made!

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My mom makes braided wool rugs.  She’s been creating one for everyone in the family (gradually, because it’s a long process from collecting old wool clothing and blankets to finally sewing it all together).  The latest one was for me and S, and my brother delivered it today.  Very exciting!  I love the bright colors, and how it feels all soft to walk on with bare feet.  It’s rather beautiful!

We installed it in Sallie’s office.  It’s very cluttered in there–perhaps the lovely new rug in the middle of the room will inspire me to get my crafting supplies in better order.  They’re most of the clutter.

more supplies

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S got a gift certificate for Dick Blick art supplies last year for her birthday.  She’s looked at their website several times, but she keeps putting off actually spending it, so last night she finally said that I could go spend it.  I felt a little silly doing that, since it was her present, but I think she feels better not having it sitting there waiting, even though it doesn’t expire for five years.

I decided to shop their website as if I was shopping for presents for Sallie, so that made it more fun.  It’s going to be an exciting package to get in the mail!  I ordered lots of small things, so it will take a while to unpack everything, and each object will be like its own little treasure.  I hope she likes what I picked out.  I think she will.

Recent creations

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I just finished making a really cute crochet chicken this evening.  I am super happy with how it turned out.  It’s funky and bright and has mismatched eyes and floppy legs and a giant pink comb.  Too dark right now to take decent pictures, but I’ll try to remember to photograph it tomorrow during daylight hours.  I can’t decide whether to list it on etsy or to give it to my dad as a present.  He collects chickens.  And he is one of the family members that S and I drew out of the hat for xmas gifts.  But that’s a long way away.

I did list my other recent creation, an assymetrical purse that I made this weekend while visiting the family.  I have way too many purses already to keep this one:


Also, I saw this GORGEOUS painting on etsy today.  I wish I had lots of money to spend on art!  And lots and lots of wall space.  I like this painting particularly because it makes me feel calm, and it invites me into its space, its world, its world of spacious space.  I feel like I could step right through that square of sky and float down and land gently  in the field and wander blissfully amongst the cows.

Voodoo doll finished, wants her new home!

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voodoo doll

I finally finished my voodoo doll for the ravelry swap I was doing back in October.  I feel really bad that it has taken me so long to finally give it eyes and arms and other such finishing touches.  My swap buddy emailed me right before christmas to ask me if I was ever going to send it.  I was supposed to have it to her by halloween!  And now it’s mid-January!  But she has been moving recently, or at least she was when the swap started, so I wanted to make sure I had her address right before I mailed her package.  So I emailed her on ravelry a few days ago when I finished the doll, and she hasn’t written back yet.  So now I feel even worse.  What if she doesn’t have a computer at the moment or something?  Maybe she’s (justifiably) given up on me.  I made her a lovely pink t-shirt purse and some orange yarn, too.  Das-screibtenkaft, if you’re reading this–please forgive me for being so late!  And please respond to my email on ravelry about your address!

swaps are so much fun

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I love ravelry. I love, especially, the Silly String group where I get to participate in all kinds of awesome crochet swaps. Here are two fabulous things I got in the mail recently. One is a voodoo doll made from barbie parts, and the other is a winged and many-legged fairy named Jewellie. They’re sitting on top of S’s piano with some crayons and a penguin and kermit the frog.


Also, Laughing Purple, who made Jewellie, also sent me a little cake of scrap yarn, which I’m thrilled about. Thrilled! I love scrap yarn, and this will be gleefully incorporated into my current scrap blanket, the knit version. Scrap blanket number three. And I’m actually wrapped up in scrap blanket 2 right now. Happy times!

crazy yarn

I feel special.

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Why do I feel special, you ask?  Because I got to participate in one of the coolest crochet swap events ever, over on Ravelry.  In the “uncommon crochet” group, a genius crocheting peer came up with the idea of making drawings of fantasy creatures, then exchanging these drawings and crocheting a creature based on the picture, then sending the finished object back to the person who’d made the original sketch.  I had fun with this for ever so many reasons–it was creative, it was quirky, it was international (I sent my monster to Australia, and got mine from the UK).  Every step of the process was enjoyable, too.  I like to doodle, I like to look at other people’s drawings, of course I like to crochet, and I like to give and receive gifts.

So, wouldn’t you like to see some pictures?

1. my drawing:

doodles for the crochet exchange

2.  the adorable friend that RunnyCustard made for me:

looking out the window

3.  LaughingPurple’s drawings that I got to play with:


4.  and finally, my crocheted creation for LaughingPurple:

dragonfly creature

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