OMG baby goat sweaters!

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The cuteness:


a snail

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I had some leftover goat and giraffe fabric from making zipper pouches for christmas presents. So I made a snail.

He is visiting the potted plants. Maybe he will go in the mail and visit baby Lewis next.

002 003

Then I felt like sewing some more. I have been trying to make myself go to bed earlier, but I am rarely successful. Sometimes when I am sewing, I get sort of lost within all the fabric and ideas and I lose track of time. It’s so satisfying to make something and have it turn out well, and I just want to do that over and over again. Plus there was still a little bit of giraffe fabric.

So I made another zipper pouch.

And then I had this light purple zipper that I wanted to use. So I found a scrap of blue and purple patchwork fabric that I somehow acquired leftover from someone else’s project. And I got very excited because I decided to make it into a pouch with a bright orange tie-dye lining. Because I think orange and purple are quite lovely together. The orange is a happy surprise when you open the pouch!

004 005

I am in love with the purple-orange and it is one of my very favorite pouches that I’ve made so far.

So then I took pictures of everything. It is 3am, and I am writing this blog post. I could have waited and uploaded the pictures later. But I didn’t.

Extreme close-ups because why not?

010 011

Maybe I will manage to go to bed earlier tomorrow?


I can post these pictures now.

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I made this cute little goat-y pouch for my sister for Christmas, but I hadn’t had a chance to give it to her yet, so I didn’t want to post pictures in case she saw them here.  But now she has received her gift and I can share with the world! Made with this fabric:


I’m going to be an auntie!

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I am super excited that my sister is pregnant.  She’s due on September 1st.  This is the first baby in my family, so everyone is thrilled and looking forward to his arrival.  And let me tell you, this baby is going to have a TON of handmade gifts.  He has some already, and he isn’t even here yet.

So, I started knitting a wee little baby hat with some soft cotton yarn.  But I make hats all the time, and I want to make something special and unique for him, too.  That’s why I have just now been looking at patterns for plush goats.  My sister’s favorite animal is goats, and her husband’s favorite is giraffes.  They’ve received some really cute giraffe gifts already, but no goats, so I am taking a look at what I can do to remedy that situation.  Because giraffes and goats are both adorable creatures and should have equal representation.

I am actually surprised that I haven’t found more goat patterns than I have.  Kinda makes me want to write my own, except writing down patterns is rather tedious.  I don’t usually like following patterns anyway.  My preferred method of yarn creation is to make things up as I go along.  But I wanted to look around the internet and see what’s already out there.   Here are the three that I found that I liked.  Some of the patterns didn’t even look like goats, so of course I had to reject those!

Two knitted versions, one realistic and the other more cartoony: and

And one amigurumi crochet pattern, which I think is my favorite of the three:

What I will probably try to do is to use these guys as inspiration and make my own goat with ideas from here and there and everywhere.  I think it’s quite important for my finished goat to have the sideways pupils in his eyes like real goats have, so even if I follow a pattern, I will be sure to make his eyes the right way.  That’s one of the best goat features and should not be left out!

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