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Last post, I mentioned that I had a total of four unfinished afghan projects sitting around my house. After I wrote that, I kept thinking about it and feeling a little bad about it. So. This is the oldest one of those projects. I dug it out and finished it! Yay!

100% cotton, two strands throughout. Crochet. One strand was unraveled from a striped sweater. I combined that with a progression of white, gray, black for the main body of the blanket, which is a giant granny square. Then I made a single crochet border with yellow and one row of red.


It turned out great, but now I am faced with my perennial problem. What do I do with it now? Keep it? We have so many blankets already. Give it to someone? But everyone I know already has at least one and probably more than one of the blankets I have made. I just love to create them and I cannot stop!

Thomas likes it:



Two Things

January 18, 2011 at 12:42 pm | Posted in gifts, projects, yarn stash | Leave a comment
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First, the fifth scrap blanket, all ready to be mailed to C!  I chose to do a giant granny square for this one, which is what I had done for the very first scrap blanket, back when we lived in Atlanta!  There’s something very pleasing about making gigantic granny squares.


Also, even though the christmas season is over, I was inspired to make a wreath the other day.  It’s needle-felted!!

That’s all.

this post is for Treeb

November 19, 2008 at 12:04 am | Posted in projects | Leave a comment
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I’m making her this giant granny square blanket. But whenever I try to tidy it away in its basket when I’m not working on it, one of the kitties pulls it out all over the bed and curls up on it. Silly kitties.

helping with the crochet blanket

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