What am I working on right now?

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I am knitting myself a hat!  Now, I already have a drawer full of knit and crochet hats at home, and many of them are ones that I made for myself before.  But sometimes you just need a change, or a little something new.  That drawer is due for a purge.  And I got this lovely and interesting yarn for Christmas.  My dad ordered it for me from this etsy shop.  It’s just the kind of self-striping hand-spun yumminess that makes a perfect knit hat.  And since the yarn was my gift, the hat is going to be for me too.  I have declared it!

Here’s a picture of the yarn from its etsy listing:

I’m hoping that I can finish the hat tonight while I’m at work so I can wear it home.


I want

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this book:


A lot.

I saw it in Borders yesterday, and sat and looked through every page and practically drooled on it.

But I’m kinda broke right now, alas!

It shall be mine when it can be, though.  I am determined.

circular crochet creation

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This is what I made with my wonky handspun and plying attempts.  It doesn’t look too bad now that it’s been crocheted.


yarn 025

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