not quite satisfied

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Well, some projects just don’t turn out as awesome as you had thought they would. I had high hopes for this knitted hood-hat, but the finished item has left me feeling rather “meh.”

You can’t know until you put something on how it is going to fit, and the fit of this hat was just a little bit off for me. I don’t like the way the earflaps hang, and I wanted the ribbed edging to be a little snugger over my forehead. I could make some modifications and try again, but I have already moved on to other creations.


My brother thought it was funny. Here he is modeling correct and incorrect methods of wearing it:

20140313_235505 20140313_23551720140313_235533

I guess I shall post it on facebook and see if anyone else wants to try it. The colors are nice and it is very warm!


What am I working on right now?

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I am knitting myself a hat!  Now, I already have a drawer full of knit and crochet hats at home, and many of them are ones that I made for myself before.  But sometimes you just need a change, or a little something new.  That drawer is due for a purge.  And I got this lovely and interesting yarn for Christmas.  My dad ordered it for me from this etsy shop.  It’s just the kind of self-striping hand-spun yumminess that makes a perfect knit hat.  And since the yarn was my gift, the hat is going to be for me too.  I have declared it!

Here’s a picture of the yarn from its etsy listing:

I’m hoping that I can finish the hat tonight while I’m at work so I can wear it home.

New job=infrequent blog posts

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I’ve been very busy with the new job at the hospital!  But at least I can knit or crochet at work sometimes when it’s slow.  It’s a nice feature of this job–we need to be there to answer the phones, but the calls slow down by the end of the evening, and they don’t mind what else we do as long we’re alert and available.  Here’s a hat I made mostly while working:

I haven’t posted in a while!

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Here is a really pretty hat that S made:

I dyed the purple yarn.  I love it when S makes stuff with the yarn I’ve created.  It’s really neat to see it take form.

Also, I really really really want these:

Edited to add:  Apparently I am really infatuated with the word “really” this evening.

the story of a hat

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Yesterday I finished another UFO that had been sitting around, a knit hat.  There are still lots and lots of them lingering in drawers and crammed into bags and boxes, but I am slowly making progress.  I remember the exact moment when I started knitting this hat.  It was when we were living in Rutland, two years ago!  I was sitting in S’s office, either working on homework or having just finished another project.  She had a little reading nook in there with blankets and floor cushions.  I didn’t want to get up, so I just grabbed some yarn and needles that happened to be sitting next to me and started knitting.  I think I finished about half of it right then, but inspiration didn’t stick with me, obviously.  And then two years went by!

Well, here it is, finally finished.  It’s up on etsy becasue it’s too small for my big ol’ head.  Click picture for listing.

putting my head to work

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I still haven’t got around to decorating my styrofoam head, but I went ahead and used it to display a hat for picture-taking the other day.  It worked great!


Also, Sallie and I went to a thrift store yesterday and I noticed that they had quite a few styrofoam heads with hats on them.  And someone had drawn faces in marker on a few of them.  Which looked kinda silly, but also cute.  I’m half tempted to do that with mine, but I think paper mache will probably look a lot better.  Although… well, the head was only a couple of dollars.  And the store had a whole mountain of them.  I could buy another one…

getting a head

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Please excuse the pun.  I couldn’t help it.

I really did buy a head last night.  A styrofoam head.  I am going to paper mache it, and then use it to display hats on when I take pictures of them for etsy.  I am looking forward to the paper mache project, because I don’t think I’ve done that since elementary school!  I hope we have some white glue.

Anyway, here’s a hat that I made this weekend with some yarn that my dear friend L gave me.  It was lovely to see her!  I hope that we do get to visit NY city in November.  I made this hat all in one day, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.   I decided to donate it to a bakesale/raffle thingy that my mom is doing as a fundraiser for the food shelf in my hometown.  I hope someone will love it and take it home!  It makes me happy to think of things I make going to someone who will love them.  🙂

red and purple hat

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