I haven’t posted in a while!

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Here is a really pretty hat that S made:

I dyed the purple yarn.  I love it when S makes stuff with the yarn I’ve created.  It’s really neat to see it take form.

Also, I really really really want these:


Edited to add:  Apparently I am really infatuated with the word “really” this evening.


the story of a hat

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Yesterday I finished another UFO that had been sitting around, a knit hat.  There are still lots and lots of them lingering in drawers and crammed into bags and boxes, but I am slowly making progress.  I remember the exact moment when I started knitting this hat.  It was when we were living in Rutland, two years ago!  I was sitting in S’s office, either working on homework or having just finished another project.  She had a little reading nook in there with blankets and floor cushions.  I didn’t want to get up, so I just grabbed some yarn and needles that happened to be sitting next to me and started knitting.  I think I finished about half of it right then, but inspiration didn’t stick with me, obviously.  And then two years went by!

Well, here it is, finally finished.  It’s up on etsy becasue it’s too small for my big ol’ head.  Click picture for listing.

I have been making a lot of creatures lately!

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Usually when I pick up a ball of yarn and a knitting needle or crochet hook, I don’t have a specific project or plan in mind. I just sort of start fiddling and see what takes shape. And most of the time lately it’s been cute little creatures. I love the last step especially, when I add their eyes. The moment of coming to life! Since I don’t know what else to do with them, and every surface in my house is already covered, I’ve been putting them all up for sale on etsy. Hopefully then someone else will invite them home and give them love. 🙂


born to knit and crochet

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This evening S and I were chatting and I said something about how I sort of imagined my aura as covered with yarn.  I don’t remember what got us on that topic, but anyway, she said that I probably paid attention to my mom crafting things while I was in her uterus developing before I was born, and that I probably thought to myself, oh, that looks interesting, I want to give that a try as soon as I get out of here!

Actually, I don’t think I learned how to knit and crochet until I was eleven or something.  But maybe it was in my blood all the same.



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Originally uploaded by yellowlens

Here’s the completed shawl wrapped around my mama. I’m quite happy with its finished beauty. The squiggle down the middle is a row of single crochet–my clever plan to add structure and decoration at the same time, so that no hands or arms will be eaten by humongous holes.

How to make a mouse

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cat mice

I make toy mice for my cats.  While Darjeeling mews at me and bats one around the carpet and drags it around by the tail, I’m going to share the pattern.  Here goes!

Use double-pointed needles, whatever size is appropriate for the yarn you’re going to use.  Scrap yarn is best because of its gleeful random colors, and because the pattern really doesn’t take much yarn.

Cast on nine stitches over three needles, three per needle, leaving a long tail.  Knit one round.  On the second round, increase in the middle stitch on each needle.  On the third round, increase in both middle stitches on each needle.  You should now have six stitches per needle.  If you want a larger mouse, do one more round of increases.  Otherwise, knit two rounds.  After the two knit rounds, start decreasing by two stitches per round.  You can arrange these decreases any way you like.  I usually line them up into two seams, but this isn’t necessary.  When you have decreased until there’s only one stitch on each needle, cut the yarn off, again leaving a long tail.  Pull the yarn through the remaining stitches to close off the nose, then pull the end of the yarn through the body of the mouse so it is trailing through the opening at the back of the mouse.  Stuff the body with batting or scraps of fabric and add a pouch of catnip if desired.  While you are stuffing, be sure to keep the two ends of the yarn outside the body.  Once you’ve stuffed it full enough, thread whichever end of yarn is longer through all the beginning stitches, and tighten to close the opening.  Make sure that the mouse’s face isn’t getting smooshed in, which will happen if that end of the yarn is pulled too tight.  To make a tail for the mouse, add a length of yarn to the back of the mouse by pulling it through near the closure with both ends trailing, then braid all the loose ends together, knot, and trim nicely.  Add more lengths of yarn for a thicker or more colorful braid.  I usually knit with two or more colors anyway, so I don’t need to add more yarn at the end because I already have enough strands for a lovely braid.  Now you’re done!

Optional embellishments:  crochet some ears on!  knot some yarn at the nose to make whiskers!  add beady black eyes!

Important: please take the mouse away from your cat and discard it if your cat chews it apart.  It can be very dangerous for a cat to ingest yarn, and this is supposed to be a fun toy, not a nasty trip to the vet!

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