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Someone on the regretsy forums just shared this, and I feel the need to further share the link because it’s very funny and completely awesome.  Also, I think this is something that my family would do.  My sisters and I tried doing a resin project a couple summers ago, but it was really rainy and humid, so the resin never set properly, plus we used the wrong type of containers and they sort of melted.  We didn’t really know what we were doing, but we had fun anyway!

So, without further ado, the link: Cheeseball in Resin!


a sense of humor pairs well with creativity

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I highly recommend this blog.  It is very funny.  But don’t click if you’re offended by profanity.

I will be adding this to my blogroll over there on the sidebar —–>

I may even try some of the ridiculous yet entertaining craft projects!  I actually really like these paper-covered balls, although they are pointless:

To quote the blog: “Great, now what the fuck do I do with them?” And then she lists them on etsy, which is the perfect response to that question, because selling pointless items is exactly what etsy is for!

I do, for real, like these balls.  Maybe I could buy them to throw at someone in the office if they were being too loud while I was on the phone?


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Gee, I hope none of my etsy items ever end up here: Regretsy.com.  I’ve added this to my “distractions” category of bookmarks, so I can learn what not to try to sell and keep myself entertained all at the same time!  🙂

Here are some beautiful etsy items for contrast.  Click on pictures for listings.

well-worth sharing

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I’ve loved this website for a long time, and I just realized that I could write a blog about it so that if anyone who reads this hasn’t seen said website, they can click this link and become someone who has seen it!  (That was a convoluted sentence, now, wasn’t it?)  I have actually already written a post similar to this one, back when I used to blog on myspace, but I tell you, this is worth repeating myself over!

the link

And so you know what you’re clicking on: that link will lead you to the website of a guy who develops film that was left in old cameras for years and years.  Sometimes he buys the cameras and sometimes people send them to him.  But, oh, the old photos!  They’re so mysterious!  Why were they never developed?  Who are the people?  It’s like looking at ghosts.

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