S’s beautiful blanket

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S has been crocheting a blanket for her sister, and she just finished it!  I really love the colors she picked out–they’re so rich and vibrant.  I turned out really beautiful.  Here she is posing with it:

I hope her sister will love it.  I’m sure she will.  All that love crocheted into every stitch.  That’s the perfect thing to cuddle with when you’re feeling chilly and perhaps a little sad.  Nothing like bright colors and sisterly care to keep you warm!


choosing buttons

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One of my favorite stages of creating something is when I get to choose buttons.  It means that the project is almost finished, but also I just love buttons.  It’s really satisfying the dig through a jar of them and feel them in my fingers.  And I love spreading out a pile of possibilities and holding each one up to my project until I feel that I’ve found the perfect one.


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I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, “earth,” but the middle letters were a different color, so it also said, “art” right in the middle of the earth.

EARTH: like that.

Oh, it charmed me. Such a perfect philosophy! Earth and Art are two ideas very, very close to my heart, and of course they are related just as this bumper sticker illustrated, one contained within the other.

The earth as inspiration for art. Reusing and reclaiming materials for your art so as to show your love for the earth. Connecting all peoples of the earth with the universal language of art.


I feel special.

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Why do I feel special, you ask?  Because I got to participate in one of the coolest crochet swap events ever, over on Ravelry.  In the “uncommon crochet” group, a genius crocheting peer came up with the idea of making drawings of fantasy creatures, then exchanging these drawings and crocheting a creature based on the picture, then sending the finished object back to the person who’d made the original sketch.  I had fun with this for ever so many reasons–it was creative, it was quirky, it was international (I sent my monster to Australia, and got mine from the UK).  Every step of the process was enjoyable, too.  I like to doodle, I like to look at other people’s drawings, of course I like to crochet, and I like to give and receive gifts.

So, wouldn’t you like to see some pictures?

1. my drawing:

doodles for the crochet exchange

2.  the adorable friend that RunnyCustard made for me:

looking out the window

3.  LaughingPurple’s drawings that I got to play with:


4.  and finally, my crocheted creation for LaughingPurple:

dragonfly creature

My Epic Scrap Ball of Love is getting really out of hand

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I’ve had a little project for a long time where I save every little scrap of yarn I come across and tie them all into a big ball.  Then, when the ball gets large enough, I make an epic scrap blanket.  I’ve done this once, and I’ve been saving up a second ball for a while now.  And, people, it’s time to start another blanket, because this yarn ball is massive!  Can you palm a basketball?  Well, my yarn isn’t the size of a basketball, but I find it difficult to pick up the ball with one hand. 

holding on 

The problem is that I already have three other blankets that I’m working on, two knit and one crochet.  Wait, is that a problem?  I’m not sure.  I might just go ahead and start this blanket, too.  I think I’ll go for a crochet ripple.

my previous scrap blanket:

 crochet afghan

And my lovely yarn ball.  How I love it!

hugging my yarn

Ode to grass-green knitting needles

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I wrote a poem about some knitting needles I am quite fond of.  It’s a first draft, so I may (probably) revise it, but I don’t mind sharing it in rough form.  Enjoy!

green grass

Ode to grass-green knitting needles  

It was a dark place where I found these knitting needles,

like a basement heaped with storage boxes and damp,

more full of shadows than my depressive afternoons,

darker than the snow-clogged clouds outside.

Furniture crouched in piles along the walls,

floral couches leaning upside-down on top of plaid ones,

rocking-chairs jabbing runners out in all directions,

out-of-tune pianos clustered, sharing old songs.

I wandered between shelving units, fingering piles of dust

on teapots with missing lids and cracked spouts,

but with elegant patterns in their glaze: an intricate knot,

a gracefully-draped peacock feather, brighter than life.

Nearby, I lifted a woman’s hat adorned with a real feather,

which drooped unhappy, tired.  I propped it up, moved on

between table lamps, wicker baskets, a tandem bicycle,

mugs with coffee stains, flowerpots with dry earth inside,

an ornate pedestal fit for an antique vase in a museum.

I started opening the drawers of a storage cabinet.

Piles of small things rattled together as I explored,

digging with dirty hands, setting aside inexplicable objects,

lumps of ceramic, unfinished needlework on yellow canvas,

bits of cracked plastic, used erasers, unlabelled jars

full of black liquid or paint dried into a disc at the bottom.

In the third drawer down, several sets of knitting needles

rolled around together between scraps of cardboard.

Most were the yellow of old, once-white, off-white, plastic,

bent and crippled, probably brittle, their usefulness spent.

But four of the needles were bright green,

drawing the dim light like blades of living grass.

I gathered them together in my hand, felt their silky surfaces,

the smoothness of their points at either end, not sharp,

but ready to slip easily through loops of thread.

These are the needles that grow warm in my hands,

speeding like athletes, acrobats, as I sit here knitting

amazing things.  An entire jungle of constructed vines,

fruitful and huge, populations of creatures, monkeys

with large eyes and large ears, insects with sweeping antennae,

sturdy trunks of massive trees, all taking shape

as my fingers and the green knitting needles dance.

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