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I turned the bathtub turquoise when I was tie-dyeing.  I kinda wish it would stay that way, but S said it was washing off when she was in the shower just now.  Since we don’t own this house, I guess that’s for the best.  Still, turquoise is pretty!



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My fingertips are green.  And under my fingernails.  I felt like dying yarn this evening, which pretty much means that I will get green all over me because the bottle leaked puddles of green all over everything in my little yarn-dying supply tub.  So I have to pretty much stick my fingers right in a puddle of green dye every time I’m playing with the crockpot, even when I’m dying something orange or blue or purple.

Not that I mind being green.  It is one of my favorite colors.  My house is surrounded by a jungle of green leaves.  But I hope it washes off by the time I go to work tomorrow, because I think my boss is somewhat likely to make a comment on the discoloration of my fingers, and I never know how to respond to her random comments.


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Ok.  I thought I was getting better at spinning.  But I just made a HUGE MESS trying to ply some yarn I spun with another yarn.  I think I was going backwards or something…

More practice is needed!  Much more practice!

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