march madness monster

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I’m not really that into basketball, but I made a march madness monster anyway, because the phrase has such a fun sound to it.  And because “march on” was the theme for this month’s design challenge for the trade-a-holics team on etsy, and this monster is what took shape when I decided to make something for the challenge at the last minute.

Rawr!  Does he personify the spirit of march madness, do you think?



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I’ve been dyeing tons and tons of yarn in the new crockpot.  Well, maybe not literally tons, but lots anyway.  But the other night I left some red wool in there and walked away, and then I fell asleep, and, well, it wascooking for a really long time and the water even started boiling.  I don’t know how long it boiled before I got back to it.  Luckily the water didn’t all boil away and cause a housefire or anything.  But I’ve washed the yarn repeatedly and it still smells a little…toasted.  Woops.  I’ve got it hanging out on the porch now, airing out.  Maybe that will help?  Strangely, the texture doesn’t seem to have been affected.  Somehow this experience makes me want to knit some kind of monster with this skein of yarn.  I think it’s a guilt monster.

I feel special.

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Why do I feel special, you ask?  Because I got to participate in one of the coolest crochet swap events ever, over on Ravelry.  In the “uncommon crochet” group, a genius crocheting peer came up with the idea of making drawings of fantasy creatures, then exchanging these drawings and crocheting a creature based on the picture, then sending the finished object back to the person who’d made the original sketch.  I had fun with this for ever so many reasons–it was creative, it was quirky, it was international (I sent my monster to Australia, and got mine from the UK).  Every step of the process was enjoyable, too.  I like to doodle, I like to look at other people’s drawings, of course I like to crochet, and I like to give and receive gifts.

So, wouldn’t you like to see some pictures?

1. my drawing:

doodles for the crochet exchange

2.  the adorable friend that RunnyCustard made for me:

looking out the window

3.  LaughingPurple’s drawings that I got to play with:


4.  and finally, my crocheted creation for LaughingPurple:

dragonfly creature

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