color swatch

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I’m posting this for my mom because I know she reads this and she gave me this yarn.  It was some we dyed last easter with leftover egg dye, and she never used her three skeins, so she passed them on to me.  I wanted to see how the colors would play out, because the outside of the skein picked up a lot more dye than the inside.  It looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?  Like a sunrise.  I think I am going to add another of the skeins to this and create a cowl or a scarflette.  I gave the third skein to my sister while she was visiting this past weekend, and she started making it into a granny square.  That’s going to look pretty awesome, too!


Custom orders are fun!

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I am about to start crocheting this yarn into a lovely bright cuddly squid creature.  For HandyMaiden.  And you’d better click that link and check out her creations, because her work is awesome.


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This is Maurice.  He gets to go to his new home tomorrow, and he’s very excited about it.

Another UFO completed

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All this soft little scarf that S made needed was to have its ends tucked in and a button sewn on, but it was sitting in a drawer for a long time waiting for that finishing touch.  It took me about 5 minutes to finish it off.  Maybe even less than that.  The longest part was choosing the right button.  And now it’s done, and up for sale on etsy!  It’s S’s third item up there, out of 60.  The rest I made.  Cuz I’m sort of always making things, addictively…


I have to take a break from the UFOs for a little while now, though, because I have some custom orders to turn my attention to.  S’s sister wants a goat for one of her friends’ babies, and the person who bought Mim the Magical Space Ermine wants a mate for her.  Isn’t that exciting?  I feel really flattered and warm-fuzzy-ized.

Some recent favorites

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There’s so much cool stuff for sale on etsy, I want to share it all the time~!

Here are three nifty things that I’ve recently added to my favorites.  Click the pictures to go to their etsy listings:

That last one’s great for Halloween, eh?

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