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I just fabric-painted a whole bunch more shirts.  Six, I think.  They’re out on the porch draped over the drying rack and the bicycles right now.  Once they’re dry I will iron them, then wash them, then mail them to people.  And maybe list a few on etsy, if I can’t find an appropriate gift recipient.  Or if I don’t decide to keep the extras for myself.  But most of this batch was made with specific people in mind, so they pretty much all have homes waiting for them.

Anyway, I realized that I still don’t have pictures of most of the shirts I’ve painted, and I really should post some on this here blog since the “screen printing alternative” post a while back is one of my most viewed pages.

For now, here’s a link to the one shirt I listed on etsy from the first batch of shirt-painting.  I really like how that one turned out, even though I’ve since decided that light-colored shirts work better because the colors show up more vibrantly.  It was a little too small for me, though, so hopefully it will find another home.

And tomorrow I promise that I will try to get pictures of some of the new shirts.


Recent creations

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I just finished making a really cute crochet chicken this evening.  I am super happy with how it turned out.  It’s funky and bright and has mismatched eyes and floppy legs and a giant pink comb.  Too dark right now to take decent pictures, but I’ll try to remember to photograph it tomorrow during daylight hours.  I can’t decide whether to list it on etsy or to give it to my dad as a present.  He collects chickens.  And he is one of the family members that S and I drew out of the hat for xmas gifts.  But that’s a long way away.

I did list my other recent creation, an assymetrical purse that I made this weekend while visiting the family.  I have way too many purses already to keep this one:


Also, I saw this GORGEOUS painting on etsy today.  I wish I had lots of money to spend on art!  And lots and lots of wall space.  I like this painting particularly because it makes me feel calm, and it invites me into its space, its world, its world of spacious space.  I feel like I could step right through that square of sky and float down and land gently  in the field and wander blissfully amongst the cows.

What happens to all the lonely art?

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Think of all the paintings that have been made over the years, all the collages and quilts, all the woodcuts and watercolors, all the found-object sculptures, all the handsewn clothes, all the one-of-a-kind ceramic teapots, all the portraits and little twists of wire and beads that somebody made for somebody else, colored pencils, crayola crayons. A few of these things end up in museums, but most of them float through the world of use and re-use, first a gift and then a yard sale and then time in the back of a closet and then a thrift store and then perhaps another closet. Perhaps they’re displayed and worn and utilized between shufflings, or perhaps these items just get passed on and on until they reach some end in a garbage bin. Thinking about this makes me sad. Of course.

There have been plenty of hats and scarves and such things that I’ve knitted or crocheted and worn for a little while that I ended up donating to a thrift store. I always hope that somebody finds these bits of my handiwork and wears them and enjoys them. But I have no way of knowing. And there have been times that I’ve purchased something at a thrift store that was obviously handcrafted, and I’ve unraveled it to re-use the yarn. I feel a little bad about that. But I still do it. I’m playing the role of death, I guess. The end of one thing allows the beginning of something new.

But anyway, I’m thinking about this subject, and writing about it, because I found this lovely little painting at a thrift store today for only three dollars. And I kind of want to know its history, how it ended up there. It’s an act of rejection to decide you don’t want something and to bring it to a thrift store. It’s not as much a rejection as throwing something into the trash, because at least with the store you’re assuming that somebody still could possibly want and use whatever you’re donating. But still, you don’t want it. Rejection. And somebody sat or stood next to an easel and mixed colors and glanced up at his or her subject and then back to the canvas. It takes time to make a painting. And concentration. And skill and practice. So where did this one start? And where has it been? And how many hands have rejected it before I fell in love with it this afternoon?

It’s hanging at the bottom of my stairs now.
picture on the wall

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