Dr. Who for your cat

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I was just browsing through my etsy favorites list, and I realized that I have recently added two different cat-related TARDIS items.  So I thought I should share.  If your kitty happens to be a Dr. Who fan, then here are some excellent suggestions for all gift-giving occasions!

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dog bed

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We are adopting a new dog!  We went to the humane society on Saturday and came home with this lovely fellow.  Isn’t he handsome?  We’ve decided to call him Thomas Tallis, because he has a very musical bark.   He is staying with us for a week to see how well he fits in with the other animals, and then we’ll go back to finalize the adpotion if everything works out.  It’s going really well so far.  He’s a super sweet dog, even though he does have a bad habit of putting his front feet up on the table.

Anyway, we decided to make him a dog bed out of an old comforter.  We bought some packages of shredded foam at the fabric store, and I folded the comforter up and sewed it together into a big pocket, and then we stuffed it with foam and sewed it shut, and it turned out great!  All the critters like it.  It’s funny to see Cheddar, the tuxedo cat, sleeping right in the middle.  The cushion is so much bigger than he is!  I love that we used old materials to make something new, too.  S and I had already sewn a fun cover out of fabric scraps for this comforter several years ago, and inside that is the pastel-striped monstrosity that she had in high school (in my opinion it was Rather Ugly, although S might disagree with me).  Now it’s a pet bed.  It’s been through a lot of lives!

Here are some cute doggy pictures:

“Is this for me?”

“Ok.  I’ll try it out!”


this post is for Treeb

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I’m making her this giant granny square blanket. But whenever I try to tidy it away in its basket when I’m not working on it, one of the kitties pulls it out all over the bed and curls up on it. Silly kitties.

helping with the crochet blanket

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